The Best Android Emulators For PC Windows – Play Android Game on PC or Laptop

Best Android Emulators For PC

A lot of people want to play Android game on PC. But sometimes they don’t know what best emulators for PC that should be used for PC. If you are an employee, you don’t have job to do now and you can not use your android phone now, this way is great for you if you are boring with your activity in your company, no job but can not use phone, only sit and see your computer. By this emulator you can run Android apps on PC or laptop, like BBM or WhatsApp. And you can play android game on PC or Laptop or computer. Is it amazing right! OK I will begin to share article about the best android emulators for PC Windows. If you ever heard bluestacks, it is one of them, it is android emulator also but actually there is some android emulator that’s better than it. Check it out :

How to Play Android Game on PC or Laptop

5 Best Android Emulators For PC

1. Leapdroid
Best Android Emulators

This emulator is one of  best Android emulators for PC because leapdroid has advantage that no other emulator. Leapdroid is equipped with many tweaks and optimizations so it can run smoothly and seamlessly, with benchmark scores are fairly impressive. Also you can play two games side by side so you can play the same game with different accounts in one view of your computer. Leapdroid own root access by default .Leapdroid also supports more than 98% of the applications and they have a active team of developers. There is a thread where you can learn more and get help if you have trouble.     


Best Android Emulators

This emulator is still new but this emulator is one of android emulator best also. AMIDuOS emulator is not free but you can use this emulator software for 30 days for free for trial and after you must pay to use this emulator.This emulator has 2 choices if you want to buy it. The first is you can buy Jelly Bean version, the price is $10 and second is Lollipop version, the price is $15. The advantage of this emulator is user Interface and supports multi-touch and pinch to zoom is very useful for you who have a laptop with a touch screen.

3. Bluestacks

Play Android Game on PC or Laptop

Who the one that know Bluestacks emulator for android, I thinks a lot of people know this emulator because this emulator already release long time ago and many people use this emulator. Bluestack is The Android emulator of the most popular in the world. The latest version is Bluestack 2, and you can download it for free from the official website, which is available in several options like online and offline installer installer.

To install BlueStacks, your computer must have at least 2 GB of RAM. This emulator is easy of installation and setup, this is one of the advantages of this emulator. You no longer need to set the network configuration, no need to set simulator resolution, and others. Then, Bluestack supports multi-tasking apps. Bluestack has built-in functionality for things like shakes and location settings required for you mobile gamer. If you want to download bluestacks, please click Download Bluestacks.

4. Droid4x

The next best of Android emulator is Droid4x. This android emulator is good option for emulator on PC. One of advantage is support from add-ons, which lets you control the game on a computer with a smartphone. For example, you want to play Asphalt 8 and make your smartphone for using the accelerometer. We were also allowed to customize the keyboard as a controller, which will certainly facilitate the game play Android. After installing this emulator on your PC or laptop, you can play android game on PC or Laptop, like Asphalt 8 you can play this game like play on Smartphone.

5. Genymotion

The last of best Android emulators for PC is Genymotion. Genymotion is the lightest Android emulator because you can test apps or games without being required to have such devices. You can configure the emulator to run with different versions of Android to help suit your needs. For example, you can run the Samsung Core 2 with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or Android 6.0 Samsung S6 with Marshmallow.

These are the best emulators that you can choose one of them. And after that you can play android game on PC or Laptop also you can run android apps on PC or Laptop for your business. THANKS FOR READING !



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