Mac Factory Reset – 4 Easy Steps to Reset Your Mac

Mac Factory Reset

Mac factory reset is important to clean up all of your data on your Mac. If you want to sell it or give it to your closest one, you need to do this because it will erase your data and your system will be back just as the same time you bought it. But, have you wondered how to reset factory a mac? Some people find it hard, but you can do it just with four easy steps. Read all the whole article below to do it safely.

Before Doing Mac Factory Reset

Before you do the factory reset of your Mac, make sure that you have already back up your files. You can save your files and any important data to an external drive. Since after reset there will be empty data from you, you should prioritize the important data such as your work, or your data. Move them to an external drive so that you will not lose them all and can use them again. If you want to factory reset just to recover from some errors, you can protect your important data.

You should also prepare an internet connection, preferably WiFi with a stable connection. This is important because when you doing the reset factory, you will install the system again which needs the internet connection. Without stable internet, it can damage your Mac and also can make your Mac unusable.

The last thing you should do is to log out from your iTunes account. If you are still logging in on apps that have limited licensing, you also need to log them out. The reason is that it may affect the way use the apps, so this is a prevention step.

4 Easy Ways to do a Factory Reset

There are five ways to do the factory rest on your mac which you will find it easily. If some of you have been asking how to reset Mac book to a factory setting without disc, this is the right answer for you. Before you begin, turn off your Mac first and then follow these four steps below.

1. First, you should do is to power on your Mac and hold down the Command and press E at the same time on your keyboard. Some other way is that you can choose is to Restart your Mac and hold Command and R. Either you choose the first or second way, stop holding keys until you see Apple logo.

2. After you see the Apple logo, you will be in Recovery Mode. But before that, you should select the language that you want to use. Select it and go on. The screen will see some macOS Utilities. In this part, choose disk utility and click Continue. To format the data, you can choose the Mac OS Extended. Click Erase and just wait until it finished. Back to your Disk Utility menu and quit at the top of the bar.

3. After exit the disk utility, you can reinstall the OS. There will be Reinstall OS and click it to reinstall. Follow the instruction and there will be reinstalling process. Wait and let it reinstall. You can also do this if you usually wonder how to reinstall Mac OS because it is almost the same. Don’t forget to keep your internet because the internet will help much to do the reinstallation.

4. Now, you will see that your Mac will reboot with new reinstallation.

This means that you are just done in your factory setting. You can also do these for factory reset mac mini. If you want to sell your Mac, you can just stop until the step number 2 only. You can let the buyer do the reinstallation or set it up by himself. Unless he is asking you to reinstall the fresh one. Too easy on how to reset Mac factory without password, right?

What if Forgot to Do Back Up?

Sometimes, you need to do a reset factory so sudden due to some reasons, mainly when you found some errors that it is the only way to restore it. Or, somebody may did factory reset without you realize it so that you lost your data. But don’t worry, there is a way on how to recover data from factory reset of Mac.

To recover your accidentally deleted data due to factory reset, you can use Disk Drill. This utility is so great to recover the files that have been formatted from the device. For better recovery, run the Disk Drill right after the factory reset. It will found your files so much better. You just need to download this app. Then, run it. Select the drive you want to restore and choose the options to appear on the screen. It will help you to find many files including music, videos, and documents.

Recover file Mac from factory reset is so much complicated because Apple system does not store valuable information about the files on your drive. This happens mainly when your file is damaged. So, using Disk Drill Recovery can help you find your lost files.

If you don’t lose your files or already made a backup, you can transfer the files to your Mac after reinstallation. You may also need to download apps that are important or you. By doing a mac factory reset, it means that your Mac software system is as new as when you buy it. So it is empty and only the system of the programs files only that you can find in the document.