How to burn CDs and DVDs on Mac in 3 Simple Steps

Nowadays, it sounds outdated to discuss how to burn CDs and DVDs on Mac. Why do you must think like that? Although the utility of disc place is very rare, it does not mean you will not need it. People keep needing both plates to store some data in a high capacity such as video, data, and others. How to burn files to a DVD/CD on Mac may differ from other electronic devices. Okay, you along with all people who hold Mac have to know and understand this information.

How to burn CDs and DVDs on Mac – 3 Simple Way to Store Data in Those Discs

Mac still appreciates a few people who are still loyal to CD and DVD to store some data. Therefore, it provides 3 simple steps to conduct such as below:

  1. Insert an empty media (disc) to the drive and let OSX take it.
  2. Next, you may go to find the file.dmg and Control + click it.
  3. There will emerge a menu and you must choose Burn Disc

Well, that is how to burn CDs or DVDs in Mac OS X which is easy to conduct. Roughly, is there any differences between both old data storage type? Okay, it does not matter to nostalgic for a white about CD and DVD. CD or compact disc is a tool to store data in the form of files, videos, sounds, and photos. The popularity reaches on the top in the year of 2000s. Further, DVD come to replace while offering a larger space to store. Formerly, DVD was short of the digital video disc. However, it changes into digital versatile disc after getting extendable function.

Addition Information and Methods to Burn DVD on Mac

As the next generation of CD, DVD needs current attention to burn data here. Differ from burning CD for Mac, you should conduct two following things:

– Checking the specification on the system

It is useful to determine whether your computer is able to write DVDs or not. You need to do it because MacBook Air without disk drivers do not have the Mac SuperDrive. It implies the gadget cannot burn the file to DVDs. Some older Mac laptops must install newer Macs first because they do not have the SuperDrive.

Meanwhile, you will start going to your desktop to check the specification. Click the icon of Apple in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Select “About This Mac” and continue to click on “More Info…” after waiting for a while. Furthermore, click on “Disc Burning” and find “DVD- Write”. Soon, you burn DVDs after seeing “R” and “RW” in the list.

– Gather Mac Files

To gather Mac files, you are going to pass four following steps:

  1. Turn back on the desktop.
  2. Next, do right-click on some empty space using the mouse. Actually, you can change the way with pressing “Control” and “Enter” below your trackpad.
  3. Select “New Folder” but in some computers, you may choose “New Burn Folder”.
  4. Name the new folder to drag files and other data. You might want to burn data from one DVD to the new DVD. Here, you should install a program like Mac the Ripper to do how to burn a DVD on a Mac. This way is important and must have it because there is no official DVD ripping program.

Well, those are some information on how to burn CDs and DVDs on Mac. It is a piece of cake where you can burn your data to those discs while doing another activity. Roughly, what data you want to save here? It is the form of files, songs, videos, or other sweet moments? Store everything here!