21 New Features on Mac OS Catalina 2019

A new product always invites curiosity for everyone. For instance, The presence of Mac OS Catalina on Mac has released in June 2019 in WWDC. Yeah, it is an Apple operating system for that gadget with new features. The new features on Mac OS Catalina can be the third parties application. Besides that, it comes as the screen functionality, screen time, and so on. Apparently, many people expect new benefits from their Mc OS Catalina new features. Roughly, how many surprises do you can get from this sophisticated device? Well, let’s see!

New Features on Mac OS Catalina – 6 Features that Numerous Customers’ Wish

Before discussion new features in the latest MacOS Catalina, most people have expected some features. Exactly, there are 6 features that hope such as below:

  • Compatible cross-platform application
  • Like an iPad, it is able to be the second functionality display.
  • Find My App
  • New TV, Podcasts, and Music Apps
  • Photo Updates
  • Screen Time
  • Unlocking Apple Watch Extension

Complete Information of New Features on Mac OS Catalina – Totally, 21 Features

Say thanks to Apple that grants your demands more than what you hope. It implies there are more than 6 new features existing on Mac OS Catalina. Can you guess how many features inside? Exactly, there are 21 new features which are ready to serve you:

1. Apple Music

Truthfully, the Apple music is the first fraction from iTunes special to listen to the music. For your information that the manufacturer dismiss iTunes on Mac but it does not really disappear. It only changes the form into several fractions with current functions. Besides that feature, there is also a “For You” menu to show the song’s personalization. Browse the menu to search the song, radio to turn on online radio, and the complete library.

In the library menu, you still meet the recently added, album, artist, and song. When you are looking for the song, Apple also displays the recent search history, recently viewed, and the trending search. To improve the experience of discovering music in this new feature on Mac OS Cataline, it still displays a Genius menu. It is useful to make a playlist or mix songs according to your preferences.

2. Apple Podcast

The feature offers the users more than usual is to listen to its podcast. You do not only browse, but also search base on category, or watch from Top Chart. However, you can access the description to get the transcript when you play the podcast.

3. Apple TV

In this feature, you can find plenty of menus inside such as Kids, TV Shows, Watch Now, Movies, and Library. Unluckily, not all countries can access TV shows and Kids. Well, let’s reveal that one by one and see what fun you will get:

  • Watch Now: To see list of up next and movies that interest to watch base on your desire.
  • Movies: It is useful to browse movies from several curates and categories.
  • Library: Store list of purchasing and renting movies.

The features on MacOS 10.15 Catalina of Apple TV-Movie provides a big and easy to find button. It gives some advantages such as easy to purchase, rent, dan input to up next. By the way, the design of this menu is excellent where you can see list of cast& crew. Try to click it and you will know other moves that they play.

4. Find My

Find My is the combination of some menu such as Find My Mac, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone. The function of the menu is to find your iPhone, Mac, and your friends’ contacts. Alongside that, there is a map to see the direction, hide, delete data from remote, and mark it as missing.

5. Finder

Formerly, you need iTunes containing Finder to connect iPhone to Mac OS Catalina. It turns out this application stand independently after Apple dismiss iTunes from its system. Finder directly detects your iPhone when you connect it to Mac OS Catalina. However, you still cannot explore file iPhone directly and still needs some tabs.
There are general tabs and typical tabs here that you should know. The general tabs are useful to backup, restore, and update. Other typical tabs include music, TV shows, podcast, books, audiobook, movies, and photo to media synchronization.

6. Photos

According to some rumor, Photos application has to get plenty of renovation. It turns out the news is true where it adds three new menus. When you open the feature new Mac OS Catalina, you get Days, Month, and Years tabs. Those menus are useful to display more neat and clean images. Alongside that, it is able to hide a variety of cutters coming from twin photos. On the other hands, the video becomes more interactive when you scroll it automatically. Actually, there are photo and video editing in the feature but both do not perfect yet.

7. Notes

Mac OS Catalina put Notes in Gallery View which has preview tab but you can find it with scrolling. The Gallery View resembles like Attachment Browse on prior Notes but it has a new icon. Here, you may share the folder to collaborate with all notes and subfolder. Use a view-only option in order to avoid other people to change the note. Lastly, the feature eases you to drag and drop the checklist to change the order.

8. Reminders

The feature of Reminders also gets a massive renovation with a more powerful design. It looks more advanced and resembles like a task manager application. The new Mac OS 2019 Catalina allows the listing to make tasks, notes, and deadline. All of them automatically appear and you can see as the timeline schedule. Other advanced features in Task are photo attachment, document, and also website.

9. Safari

By the way, there is a new start page and a notification from the website that you visit to download. The notification asks you to allow downloading or not. Besides that, there is a picture-in-picture mode on the Audio tab that easy and fast to activate. Safari also recommends using a stronger random password when yours is weak.

10. Mail

The Mail feature eases you to block a contact which often spams your messages. It does easily with throwing all messages on trash directly. Other advantages of new features on Mac OS Catalina unsubscribe and mute. Mail feature display links that you want to unsubscribe on top and mute too active threads.

11. Dark Mode Auto

For your information that Mac does not only have the Dark Mode and Light Mode but also Auto. The work performance is with showing a light display at noon and change into the dark at night.

12. Screentime

The Screentime in here is the same as iOS own where it also gives details of Mac report. You can see duration, category, notification, and the pickup statistic. Mac also presents App Limit, Downtime, and Content & Privacy Limitation. Apparently, Screen Time is flexible to combine with iPad and iPhone.

13. Apple ID Information

The next new features Mac OS Catalina is Apple ID Information displaying over Window Preferences. In this device, you are going to use iClouds to open the feature directly. iClouds is useful to see all details of Apple ID also manages the purchasing and subscription. You may also see the device details connection to Apple ID, manage a Family Sharing. It includes iClouds storage, location sharing, purchasing sharing, and so on.

14. Quick time player

In Quick time player, you can play a video in the picture- in- picture mode easily. The view may play in a small window over other application while browsing. It displays Movie Inspector with complete format, resolution, aspect ratio, same data rate, and the resolution. Open sequence images, set frame, resolution, and encode to play fast here as a video.

15. iCloud Drive Folder Sharing

The Mac OS Catalina top feature of iCloud Drive folder sharing has plenty of advantages. Everyone can access, see the content, add a new file, access new file version, and limit access with view only.

16. iPad Application

The iPad application will present a lot of games through a Project Catalyst. You can play DC Universe, Asphalt 9 Legends, and other applications in Mac.

17. Security

Mac OS Cataline makes much change on the security system such as it runs in a separate read-only system. When it separate from other files, none application can overwrite the important file system. Then, the DriveKit does not kernel extension and walk alone without OS. It is useful to keep the system when there is an error text. This electronic device also does control and give the notification. It is useful for each application needing good access data both in internal and external. The security system always checks the applications that want to conduct keylogging and screen record.

18. Sidebar

The sidebar is one of top MacOS Catalina features changing iPad as the second Mac screen. Here are a lot of supporting sidebar features such as Final Cut Pro, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and so on. Even, you can use the Apple Pencil to draw.

19. Accessibility for Voice Control

The Accessibility is the feature in the form of voice to manage Mac.

20. Restore from Snapshot

It is useful to restore to prior version when there are some not supported application after updating Mac OS.

21. Apple Watch

Nowadays, you can integrate your Mac with Apple Watch easily. The function of the last best new MacOS Cataline feature is more than as an authentic login. Even though, it is useful to install application, open the locked notes, and see your password. Besides that, you are going to unlock settings in Preferences with twice-clicking in the side button of Apple Watch.

Well, those are plenty of new features on Mac OS Catalina! It is so great and it is not a good idea to not have the device in 2019. Take it, it is not late yet!