Keyword Research Tool Free to use Online for Websites and YouTube

Keyword Research Tool Free

Nowadays, the internet is never lonely from visiting people all over the world. Internet comes as the only source for everything and almost defeating the book. By the way, what is the keyword research tool free? For you who use the internet for entertainment and job also material supports do not need to know it. But, it is extremely essential for you who use the internet for business. Indeed, many online businesses are trending like opening an online shop, websites, YouTube content, and so on. How do you get the best keyword research tool free?

9 Best Sites Keyword Research Tool Free to find Attractive Ideas for Any Contents

In this section, this page shows 9 references of the best keyword research tool free for creating any content on the website. It will be very useful for creating new brilliant keywords that will be the trend and invite many people. Let’s see and choose one:

1. Ubersuggest

First of all, this page offers Ubersuggest for everyone that has an organized approach. It provides keyword-only by breaking down the letter so that you will find a lot of results directly.

2. WordStream

Secondly, WordStream welcomes your intention to find a keyword for a new site that is informative, accurate, and powerful. Most people more intrigued by utilizing this tool because it is also more user-friendly by entering your keyword to start it. The keyword research tool frees for the first 30 searches, help to find a profitable niche and guidance to seek it.

3. Soovle

Soovle is simple to use keyword research that will present a few good keywords efficiently and quickly. You may experiment using various keywords and pay attention to the result.

4. Wordtracker Scout

Next keyword research tool free is Wordtracker Scout. The tool claims as a high-powered Chrome extension with three key features. It can analyze what your competitors are undertaking and access the performance metrics at a high-level. It also can generate traffic although the use is simple and understandable.

5. Google Correlate

It turns out Google Correlate is extremely powerful to result in a large keyword list. The reason is the tool can see the keyword that many people search together so it can generate the seed.

6. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator is another online keyword research tool free that helps to find the local keywords. So, it is very suitable for you who focus on local service companies.

7. Keyword In

The Keyword-In not only helps to find good keywords but also combines it. For example, you combine the keyword and the seed (a long-tail keyword). Quite spend a couple of seconds, this tool will show the performance. If you do it more, the result will more generate too. Indeed, this tool is easy to use but the results keep the best without any complications.

8. Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner accompanies your content growth because this tool is easy to see. You will optimize your website by finding the average monthly searches, suggest bid (for AdWords user), and competition.

9. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

The last keyword research tool free from this page is AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator. It appears for creative keywords that easy to use and align for your goals, marketing strategy, and the site.

Youtube Keyword Research Tool Free

Besides Google search, people are also diligent to visit YouTube platform because this site also presents various information. The performance is also the same as Google but it relies on the videos. If you attract to use this line you can search keyword from 8 tools:

• YouTube/ Autosuggest

You can open it and type any keyword because this source becomes a great inspiration for videos. Unluckily, you cannot get search volume unless you join a paid keyword tool or use Google Trends.

• Google Trends

Google Trends shows the interest of a topic on YouTube and allows comparing two more keywords relatively. It is also useful to find a new topic to make videos.

• Morning Fame

Morning Fame truly focuses on keyword research and analytics that differs from VidlQ and TubeBuddy. This YouTube keyword research tool free has two ways to conduct.

• TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy offers free and premium keyword tools for YouTubers by giving an overall keyword score out of 100. It is also useful for discovering long-tail keywords to optimize video and tag.

• is a bulk YouTube autosuggest scraper that can divide the keywords. It will divide it into Keyword Suggestions, Questions, Prepositions, and Hashtags.

• VidlQ

VidlQ turns out to resemble TubeBuddy but it can export video tags in one click to CSV. It also perceives the main topics and analyzes more potential video ideas.

• Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

This tool can find over 640 million YouTube keywords databases. You can see the enumeration people who search the query every month. Besides that, the searches can result in a click.

• Ahrefs Content Explorer

The last option of Content Explorer can search over one billion pages that relevant to YouTube content.

Advantages of Using Tool for Keyword Research

By reading and understanding the keyword research tool free for websites and YouTube content, you can infer the benefits. At least, there are 5 advantages that you can feel besides the free use:

  1. It boosts the rank of your search engine.
  2. You will get the best keyword to choose according to the monthly search and your industry.
  3. It helps to learn about the competition.
  4. You can know which keywords have the highest search volume.
  5. You can use the related long-tail keywords for creating a content calendar.

So, what kind of content and platform that you will choose later? Both platforms give the best chance to earn money in a large amount in a short time. However, both also contain a lot of competitors that will use the same keyword. Therefore, you should keep be careful and provide tricks and strategies.

Using the keyword research tool free for any platform above is one of the tricks and strategies. Also, it does not take any money you keep getting keywords that often people type on the internet. Perceive those tools properly or you can try it one by one. If you find one of them not free it implies it appears in two services. Thank you and good luck!