How much Netflix per Month – In the US or Singapore?

The recent news from 2019, Netflix will increase the cost for the subscribers in 2020. It is true and how much Netflix per month? It turns out the issue of the cost increase is not a hoax. Even, the rule that state the effect of the increase will not occur in the Asia Pacific has changed. Singapore itself has announced the cost increase to the subscribers. By the way, have you realized and experience it? This page will inform on the cost increase from several sources.

How much is Netflix Account per Month in Singapore and the US

Anyway, Netflix is a product of a digital streaming media service provider from Netflix, Inc. The head office is in Los Gatos, California, America and has been establishing since 1997. Exactly, it establishes on August 29, 1997, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Different from the main office, he formed it in Scotts Valley, California, America. It turns out this streaming TV series provider is older than Google.

Okay, turn back to the initial topic of how much Netflix a month! Both the US and Singapore inform on the rule of the new cost applies from January 9, 2020. Here are two kinds of news about this case such as follow:

Increase of Per Month Cost in Singapore

Okay, this page will present the cost increase from Netflix for the Subscriber in Singapore. The increase occurs based on the different plan options like standard, high, and ultra-high. Those plans are the quality of the images but the number of concurrent streams also becomes the consideration of the increase. Take a look at below:

1. Basic Plan

Basic Plan is the package of the watch on one device at a time and Singapore increases it $1 per month. Exactly, the price changes from $10.98 to $11.98.

2. Standard Plan

How much Netflix a month for a standard plan? It increases $2 per month so that it changes from $13.98 to $15.98. Nonetheless, the main feature is you can watch up to two devices at a glance.

3. Premium Plan

The third is the cost rate increase for Netflix in Premium Plan as $3 per month. Singapore claims it occurs from $16.98 to $19.98. Even though, Premium Plan allows watching on up to four devices at a glance.

However, all costs from the basic plan until premium have included the taxes. So, you do not need to think about tax again.

Increase of Per Month Cost in the US

Of course, it is the most waited information from many people in the US. Have you felt it? Below is the information on how much Netflix per month in the US after January 9, 2020. It is still according to four categories:

1. Basic Plan

In the US, the cost increases at $8.99 per month for playing or watching on one screen. The streaming quality might be not in a high-definition but it is not a problem.

2. Standard Plan

Secondly, it is about the cost increase for Netflix in Standard Plan that offers $12.99 per month. The simultaneous screen keeps available in two so that you may play it together. On the other hand, the Standard Plan already provides HD quality streaming.

3. Premium Plan

How much Netflix per month on the Premium Plan that also provides HD and four simultaneous screens? The monthly rate on the Premium Plan becomes $15.99. Besides getting four screens to play at a time, the HD quality appears maximally in 72-inch screen TV. It can do it because HD gets the support of 4K resolution.

4. DVD Plan

Although Netflix mainstays the streaming service, it does not mean skipping DVD rent. Netflix keeps renting DVDs by mail for two packages. The user can choose one of them and pay $7.99 per month with unlimited rentals. Nonetheless, you merely get one disc for one time. If you want to have two discs just spend $11.99 as the monthly cost. If you plan o include Blu-ray discs just add $2 a month based on your choice.

A Little bit of Information on Netflix

Knowing how much Netflix per month in the US and Singapore is incomplete without knowing some facts. The insight will not make you lose or just waste time:

  • Netflix is older than Google because it is born a year before exactly on August 29, 1997. Meanwhile, Google born in the USA on September 4, 1998.
  • The initial name of this streaming service provider is not Netflix but Even the founder had some names like, Directpix. com, and Replay. com.
  • Lilyhammer was the first program in Netflix but most people suppose House of Cards. It turns out the House of Cards only got much attention and awards.
  • Netflix always gets additional enthusiasts every year. In 2017, the subscribers increased by 50 million but it together with 48 million decreases of some cable TV subscribers.
  • Netflix knows that the average subscribers need about 2 minutes to choose the show that they want to watch.

Okay, that is the description of how much Netflix per month in the US also Singapore and around. Prepare your budget and enjoy all the movies that you have been waiting for.