How to Root any Android by Towelroot – Download Towelroot

Nowadays, the developing technology makes all the people can communication being easier. Not only that, the Android attendance make the people inside of this wide world being closer. In a long direction, you can keep communicating or easier in searching some information. Everything can be easier by the android appearance. Day by day, most of the human in this world need an efficiency and high-quality thing to complete their daily necessity. That’s why it’s better if you try to use this operation system. Why? Because as we have known that android system has been developed quickly. And I’d like to explain about the advantage of this operation system before I explain how to download towelroot and root any Android by towelroot

Android system is an operation system that based on kemel Linux that has been developed by android system, Inc, and principle. And also it is supported by Google financial and bought on 2005. In 2007, this Android system was ratified while the Open handset Alliance-consortium hardware, software, and telecommunication corporation standing that also intend to increase the standard mobile. Let’s we learn what advantage of root Android.

  • The advantage of Android

User-friendly: this word had been closed with windows operation system, just like we operate the computer by learning for about several days moreover just for an hour maybe. This word also close to the android system that had been running on Smartphone.

  1. Notifications: you’ll get the notifications from the android smartphone by setting a several accounts. Those are Email, SMS, Voice Dial, Update and many else.
  2. Display: android iOS not too far from the Apple iOS. Why? Because of for the first time, android intends to take a lot of iOS technology, but this is a cheap version.
  3. Open Sources: the creator made this operation system that using kemel Linux based, for open sources indeed. Actually, there are a lot of Custom ROM for the every android devices.
  4. Application: for the application you’re gonna serve a million application choices. Start from free payment until pay of course. Or, you can also download from Google Play.

Actually, in the android system, there is a root android term. Root android is a smartphone rooting activities. A lot of the users of android are increased and among them are also excited about this open source operation system. That activities is Root Android. So what is root android exactly?

  • Root Android

Root android is a modification operation system Android that the users have an unlimited access by allowed to change likes adding, removing, even breaking the elements inside of OS Android. Then the basic system of the root is focusing on the super user which is the administrator in the every operation system that Linux based including Android.

That’s administrator account have a full access to the system whereas the users can do anything like the real developer. In this case, the superuser can categorize as the developer, however the small activity that connects on android operation system changing. And honestly, android does not allow root operation system because of that is open source system.

  • The advantage of Smartphone in a Root:

  1. Unlimited access.
  2. Can remove the default application.
  3. Can change the display.
  4. Full customize capability theme.
  5. Control full application likes system and application backup, recovery system, uninstall or factory reset, or the users no need to search and download again.

How to root any android by Towelroot

Towelroot app is a which one of important way to modify the android. This application made by George Hotz (Geohot). Here is the step how to root any android by towelroot :

  • Download and install the Towelroot. To download towelroot go to this PAGE
  • Enable “Unknown sources” checklist before you began to download.
  • Settings > Security > “Unknown Sources” checklist.
  • Open and run the towelroot.
  • Click “Make it rain”. Wait for about 15 seconds, then reboot your android.
  • Ensure the succeeded of root android with towelroot.
  • Use the root checker to check your root is success or not.
  • Installing superSU / SuperUser
  • Install the superuser after root any Android by towelroot. If you don’t have this app, another unclear app or script can influence your android.

If you fail to root your android you can use other app such as Kingroot or Framaroot. Thanks for coming my blog, please share this article and follow or like my fanspage.


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