Download Towelroot 1.0

Download Towelroot

Towelroot is an Android app with small shapes that can use to access the root so fast on the Android-based devices. On the contrary, this app doesn’t need a lot of storage more than 1 MB. The way for accessing root by using this app are easy.  After this app is applied, the users need to push the button for accessing the root for a second. Because of that, the users of a smartphone or the other Android-based devices users can make their Android device connect to the computer and doing the easier way for reset processing. Let’s download towelroot to root your android :

This app is developed by Geohot. This Towelroot developer whose find the weakness of iPhone and another Apple devices and also Sony Playstation 3. Geohot’s reputation and abilities are the guarantees how reliable this app. Towelroot made for expanding the weakness system operation of Linux as the basis of the Android developer.

Download TowelRoot App

  • To download the app just follow link below and I show you the link to download. If can not download by using the link just go to the official website.


  • And to install towelroot and root by this app, please follow this article How to root with towelroot click here and Download Towelroot click link below:
TowelRoot 1.0 (RAR)
TowelRoot 1.0
(Just click the icon of towelroot)

This app helps the Android users for accessing root without restarting. The users just need to push the button “ Make it rain” and then the root can be accessed quickly. If there’s no PC the users can still access the root with the help of Towelroot. If your android’s not compatible with this app please try other app for root, please come here also How to root any android device using kingroot.