How to Fix Bootloop On Android, Fix Bootloop On Android Phone

Sometimes, after installing custom RAM or upgrading OS Android with a manual way the Bootloop would happen to the Android phone. Usually, the bootloop symbolizes by continuously rebooting and didn’t appearing the normal display like as usual. And generally, at the most product phone that can be struck by Bootloop are Samsung, Asus Zenfone, Oppo, Lenovo, LG and other several products. Bootloop happens caused by many factors those are the corrupt application, wrong way of installing, there’s a malware or a virus, the broken file system custom ROM that forces to apply on the tablet or on the smartphone. And here is the way of how to fix bootloop on Android tablet and the smartphone Android. If your android just stopped on the robot picture or the logo animation from the Android brand. Here is the way of how to fix bootloop on Android :

How to Fix Bootloop On Android

1. Turn off the Phone.

Put off the battery, SIM card and the external memory (Micro SD) then let it opened for a few minutes in order that the battery didn’t give the energy to the Android motherboard. Then put it on and try to turn it on.

2. Enter to the Android Stock Recovery.

The name is Android Stock Recovery mode. For this second way, to enter the recovery mode, assure that the phone in an off condition then push the combination button. But, you have to know that the every brand of tablet or android have a different combination button. For the example is Samsung:

  • Push the Volume up + Home + Power in resembling. Push it for a second, then you’ll enter the stock recovery mode.
  • Try to navigate it by pushing the volume down for choosing the Wipe data.factory reset. In this way, will bring you to the first setting and all the data and also the file on your internal memory will go.
  • Then choose Reboot System Now.

3. Enter to the Custom Recovery.

If the phone has been rooted or flashing custom ROM or mod. Enter to the CWM recovery.

  • Turn off the phone, then put off the battery for a second then put it on again. Push the combination button to enter to the CWM Recovery.
  • Then choose the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. Click “YES” if asked the confirmation.
  • Choose the “Advanced” menu then choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache”. Choose “YES” if there is question.
  • Then search and choose the “Mounts and Storage”, then click “format/data” and “Format/cache”. It will remove the data and also the cache from your Android.
  • The last is, choose reboot.

Those above ways are the steps how to fix bootloop on Android phone or your smartphone and make it turn back by doing boot like a normal. And that’s above steps are to remove the data and the cache and also for doing Factory Reset in order your Android phone can turn back like a new one.