How to Download Instagram Video and Download Instagram Photo

How to Download Instagram video

As we have known, that the users of Instagram are so many. But, don’t you know? If the most of Instagram users didn’t know how to download or save the picture on Instagram. The first aim of this thing is in order that the users no need to always connect to the network to see that picture or that video. The problem here is, the majority of Instagram users didn’t how to save the picture or video on Instagram. Actually, there are a lot of how to download instagram video and download instagram photo. And the which is one is InstaSave some special Instagram downloader app.

Actually you also can Download Instagram Picture on iPhone or iPad or iOS smartphone. Just go to Apple Store and look for InstaSave there. You also can download Instagram video using InstaSave. Here is the way how to download Instagram photo on Android by InstaSave :

How to Download Instagram Video and Download Instagram Photo

  • Download the InstaSave app in Playstore.
Download InstaSave
  • Install it on your device.
  • Log in to your Instagram account. Don’t close the App.
  • Choose the picture that you want to save on your phone. Select the icon Setting, and then choose Copy Share URL icon.
Download Instagram Video
  • Back to InstaSave App, click download to begin download instagram video or photo, and the picture automatically will be saved on your device. And also, you can see that picture even you were offline.
Download Instagram photo
  • You have successfully saved your picture or photo. If you want to delete the picture/photo, you just swipe it.
Instagram Video Downloader

Those are the way, how to download Instagram video and photo on Android using InstaSave, that’s very easy, right? Actually, not only that above way that we can use to download Instagram picture, there are still a lot of ways. And the second way is, through Smartphone Android. In another side, the android operation system will support all of our activity and of course it’s depend on the privacy of the owner of the pictures. Not all of our picture that we’ve been uploaded could be download by the other people. That’s why smartphone android serving the security privacy in order that can keep the important privacy.

That’s all the tips how to download instagram video and download instagram photo. Hoping it’s gonna be beneficial for you. Because of what, almost all the users didn’t understand about the function of the application that has been served by android exactly. Thanks for coming to my blog !!



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