How to Factory Reset Android Phone or Tablet Easily

Hard reset or factory reset Android phone or tablet as the last way to reset the operation system of your Smartphone or Android tablet likes for the first time after you’ve been tried many ways to treat the problem that struck the software on your Smartphone or your Android tablet. The impact of using the factory reset is, you’ll lose all the application, game and another data, such as MP3, Video, Picture on the internal memory or on your phone.

You can do this method to reset your android smartphone, through the backup menu and reset on your Android smartphone settings. It can use the privacy code or recovery mode menu on your android smartphone. You can also read how to fix bootloop on android phone. Here is how to factory reset Android phone or tablet :

How to Factory Reset Android Phone or Tablet

1.Settings menu on Android Smartphone

Assure that you’ve been move or back up all the data on your phone to the external memory.

  • Go to Menu Settings
  • Choose Backup and Reset
  • hen choose the reset device
  • Wait for a while, if it has succeeded, your phone automatically restart.

2. The Privacy Code

Enter to Dial Menu then input *2767*3855# code. But sometimes, this way didn’t work for the all kind type of Android Smartphone.

3. Recovery Mode Menu

This is the last best way that you can try if that above way couldn’t work while your phone narrow a Bootloop. Here is the way to Reset or Factory Reset using Recovery Mode menu for the smartphone that has been struck by Boot loop.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Assure that the battery left 80%
  • Push and hold the Volume Up button + HOME + Power for a second with a coincide.
  • On the Recovery Mode menu choose the Factory Reset / wipe data.
  • Wait for a while till the process finish.
  • Then choose Reboot System Now

How to Reset Factory on Some Smartphone

And here is the way to enter to the Recovery Mode menu by using the combination button for the all kind android smartphone :

1. Acer BeTouch E210 and Acer Liquid Metal:
Push the Volume Down + Camera + Power in a coincide.

2. Cross AD350:
Push the HOME button + Volume Down + Push the Power button, then there will be theexclamation mark. Then push HOME button. Push the Menu button if the HOME button didn’t use.

3. Huawei X3 and X5:
Push and hold the Volume Up button + Power in a coincide.

4. LG L3 E400
Push the Home button + Volume down + Power Button, after it vibrate then the LG logo has been appeared, push off the power button.

5. Samsung Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Fit:
Push the Home button + Power. Wait till the Samsung logo appear.

6. Samsung Galaxy 551
Push the T button + Power. Use the arrow to navigate up and down, and for the choices use the Shift button.

7. Samsung Galaxy Pro
Push the T button + Power.

8. Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder)
Push the Volume Up button + HOME button + Power button in a coincide. Wait till the Samsung logo appear, then push MENU button.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (P1000) / Tab 7 Plus (P6200)
Push the Volume Up button + Power button. Push it in a coincide till the screen turn on.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note N7000:
Push the Volume UP + Home + Power in a coincide. Wait till the Galaxy Note text appear, push off
those three button.

11. Samsung Galaxy Mini II S6500
Push the Volume up button + Volume down + Home button + power button in a coincide.

12. Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330
Push the Volume down + Home + Power button in a coincide.

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