The Best Among Us Guide for Beginner Players 2021

Many players need a best Among Us guide to better understand this viral game. Many people upload their excitement when playing this game through their respective social media accounts, so that more and more people are interested in trying it. Especially in the midst of a pandemic like today, playing games with friends online is indeed one of the activities that can be done to fill boredom. Even though this game is very well known. Maybe some of you still don’t understand everything about Among Us. To get to know more about this game, see the reviews below.

Get to Know the Best Among Us Guide

The Among Us game is a game developed by InnerSloth, since June 15, 2018. Among Us can be played by all smartphone users, be it IOS or Android from all over the world. The essence of the game itself is, this game will make the players become friends and traitors. Similar to the Werewolf game, where each player must guess who is the impostor, who has previously been randomly selected.
It sounds simple. However, in fact, playing this game is not as easy as we imagine. Because, you and other team members also have to develop a strategy, so that importers can be found immediately and no crewmates die.

As a beginner, you must first study the menus in the game from the best Among Us guide. So this is a way to play the Among Us game for beginners who need to know first. At the start, you will be faced with Local and Online options. Local mode is when you want to play with friends who are under the same Wifi IP address or the same router.

Play Among Us through Online Mode with 3 Additional Menus

Through Online Mode, in the future, you will be faced with 3 additional menus, namely the Host Menu, Public Mode, and Private Mode. The Host menu is used for those of you who want to be the master or owner of the room. With this, you will be given the freedom to invite members you want to play with. If the number of members is still considered insufficient, the system will look for the remaining players.
As for Public Mode, this is intended for those of you who are lazy to create their own room. So, you only have to join the room that has been created by other players. As for the latter, namely Private Mode, this is specifically for those of you who want to play specifically with friends. And the room itself can also be locked.

Understand the Roles in the Game

There are two roles that you can understand from the best Among Us guide, which are Crewmate and Impostor. If you get the role as a Crewmate, then during the game, you have to do some predetermined tasks or tasks. Apart from that, these Crewmates also have to jointly prepare for the departure of the plane to outer space. All tasks that need to be done can be seen on the top left of the screen. Besides that, you can also see a long bar. Every time a Crewmate completes a task, a green bar will appear immediately. The game will end when all the green bars have been filled. Which indicates that the Crewmates have completed all their tasks and the Impostor is declared a loser.

Meanwhile, the second role is Impostor. How to play the game Among Us for beginners as an Impostor will be inversely proportional to the role of Crewmate. In this game, Impostor is an evil figure and can also be said to be a traitor. Generally, the number of Impostors in a game is between 1 and 3 people, which will be announced at the beginning of the game. Of course, the other members would not know who was chosen to be an Impostor, that’s why you need the best Among Us guide. However, to differentiate between Impostor and Crewmate. The username of these Impostors will be displayed in red.

Unlike Crewmates, these Impostors seem to be disguising themselves as Crewmates and pretending to carry out their duties. Apart from that, they can also kill other Crewmates. If you are chosen to be an impostor, then you have to kill your Crewmate secretly without being caught with other members.

Imposter Can Sabotage the Game

Impostors can carry out sabotage in the middle of the game, so you need the best Among Us guide to win the game. In a sense such as turning off oxygen gas, eliminating the task list, to turning off the electricity. Every time Impostor sabotages, Crewmates must immediately solve the problem. Because, if it is not resolved, the Impostor will automatically come out as the winner. Interestingly, Impostors can also pretend to be Crewmates who try to solve problems when sabotage occurs.

In the game, there are vents for Impostors. In several rooms on the plane. There is a vent intended for Impostors who want to hide, either before or after carrying out the murder.

Those are some of the basics you need to know about the Among Us game. This game is very fun to play with family and friends, especially if you already understand the best Among Us guide.