Best Mobile Games 2021 with Amazing Graphic You Should Try

Best Mobile Games 2021

Apart from the interesting gameplay, what else are you looking for in the best mobile games 2021? Yes, graphics are certainly one of the elements that are considered when you are going to play a game. The sophisticated and impressive graphics are sure to catch your eye even more. The combination of all these elements provides the perfect gaming experience. The development of increasingly advanced technology allows all forms of breakthrough to occur in the world of gaming. Now, you can find various games with realistic graphics supported by challenging gameplay. The perfect combination of shape, color and lighting looks more real so that it can spoil the eyes of the players. The sophistication of graphics from the best mobile games 2021 can also reduce the risk of eye damage.

Every year, there are many rows of smartphone games with high graphics that can torture your smartphone. Nowadays, Android or iOS games can have top-notch graphics on par with console or PC games. However, what you need to pay attention to is that this kind of heavy game requires a sophisticated device. Apart from heavy graphics, memory and processor speed must also be maximized to run heavy games on a smartphone. Then what games can you play? The following is a list of recommended Android games with the best graphics that you must try.

Genshin Impact as One of Best Mobile Games 2021

Best Mobile Games 2021

Since its release in September 2020, Genshin Impact has brought the experience of playing mobile games to be very interesting. You can go on an open-world adventure with anime-style graphics that are very cool in this game. Seeing the many new updates rolling out this year, it seems that Genshin Impact is still a top Android game that is very popular among gamers. In it, you can explore Tevyat, a magical world where the seven elements live in balance. There are dozens of characters that you can collect in this game. Because the map is very large, this game needs more than 10 GB of storage and it’s still growing! Not to mention, to run the graphics, you are guaranteed to need the latest processor and GPU.

Asdivine Saga is in the List of Best Mobile Games 2021

It is the newest JRPG game from Kemco. This is also the eighth game in the Asdivine series which started in 2014. This game has visuals and gameplay in the style of a 90s game, where players explore cities and dungeons, while completing missions and eliminating evil monsters. Saga follows the story of Vyse where he tries to uncover the secrets of an evil plan. The good news is that to be able to enjoy this game, players don’t need to play a number of games beforehand.

Nier: Reincarnation

In the future, cyborgs and robots rule the world. You can find the nuances of this futuristic adventure in the game Nier: Reincarnation, which is Square Enix’s flagship franchise. Yes, the Android version of the game is certainly no less exciting because the graphics execution and gameplay will appear very optimally. This one of best mobile games 2021 is supported by micro-transactions so that players can play it for free. You can collect characters to customize weapons to create your own play style. With its agile h4ck and slash action, it looks like this game will be one of the best action game releases on the mobile platform this year!

Diablo Immortal

Blizzard’s game franchise, Diablo is ready to enter the mobile platform. Titled Diablo Immortal, this Android game will bring the authenticity of the h4ck and slash nuanced gameplay of this very famous PC game franchise. Moreover, you can create your own version of the character and meet and hunt demons with other players. Released this year, Diablo Immortal may become a mobile game loved by action game lovers. Is your smartphone ready to fight demons?

Black Desert Mobile

It’s one of best mobile games 2021 with the MMORPG genre, Black Desert, which has amazing graphics with spectacular skill effects. Even though there were only a handful of enemies involved, the battles seemed so epic. There are five classes that you can choose from, each of which offers unique fighting styles and skills. Black Desert Mobile is played by gamers from all over the world. That way, you can make new friends or just partner to complete missions faster with players from all parts of the world.

Left to Survive

To this day, smartphone games with the theme of zombies are still selling well in the market. It’s just that there are so many games with so many pluses that present disappointing graphic quality. But don’t worry because the Left to Survive game is one of the best mobile games 2021 with fantastic visuals that they seem real. The point of this game is a war against zombies in various places. It is enough to shoot them as soon as possible so they don’t get bitten and reduce the player’s blood. Because the visual quality is very good, it’s no wonder the file size of this game has swelled. That’s why Left to Survive should be run on mobile phones with decent specifications.

Metal Madness

For gamers who are bored with playing racing games such as Asphalt 9 or are shooting games like Bright Memory Mobile, there’s nothing wrong with trying this Metal Madness game. This Android game is a mix of racing and shooting genres. Players are still required to shoot at each other to finish off enemies from damaged vehicles. The 3D Graphics and Visuals in Metal Madness are absolutely gorgeous and very well optimized. Just look at the time when there was an explosion which felt very epic when the bullets were spewed out of the rifle. This online multiplayer war game deserves to be named one of the best mobile games 2021.

Pokemon Unite

Nintendo and Tencent are working on the MOBA game from the Pokemon world titled Pokemon Unite. This game will prioritize tactical gameplay where the game will be different from other MOBA game series. Here, you can choose Pokemon characters to level up and evolve as the match goes on. With unique gameplay, Pokemon Unite requires teamwork to masterpoints while creating a path of attack. With a more modern game texture, Pokemon Unite will also spoil the eyes and make Pokemon characters feel more alive.

Playing games on a smartphone is an exciting thing, especially if it is suported by attractive gameplay and sophisticated graphics. Those are the best mobile games 2021 that you can try to play on your device.