Best Among Us Tips and Trick to Win the Game Easily

Among Us tips and trick

There are several Among Us tips and trick that you can use to win the game, both as an impostor and as a crewmate. This game is considered fun to be played together, and can be played online and offline for free on Android and iOS phones. To play the Among Us game, it takes 4 to 10 people. Players will be divided based on two roles, namely crewmate and impostor. Here, the player’s acting skills and wiles will be put to the test. Crewmates are assigned tasks to complete missions. Meanwhile, Impostor will be a traitor who kills Crewmate. The Impostor knows who is a Crewmate. On the other hand, Crewmate doesn’t know who Impostor is.

The fun starts when Impostor finishes off Crewmate. There will be a 75-second trial to find the mastermind of the murders. Each player threw an accusation. So those who are accused of being impostors will be removed from the plane. Because a strategy is needed so that Crewmate can complete the mission without being interrupted by Impostor. On the other hand, the impostor must be good at acting so as not to be suspected.

Among Us Tips and Trick as Crewmates

Among Us tips and trick

Being a crewmate you have to complete missions quickly. Players who act as crewmates must complete a number of small missions to repair the plane they are boarding. The important Among Us tips and trick is to make sure to finish the mission quickly. You can use each of these assignments as an alibi when discussion time begins. Besides that, crewmates can also check the identity of other players. If you see other players doing a task, try to pay attention to the green bar at the top left side of the screen.

If the bar does not increase after the player leaves the assignment location, then the player may be an impostor. Some of the missions in Among Us have a visual element that appears when the mission has been completed. The missions consist of Clear Asteroids, Empty Garbage, Prime Shields, and Submit Can. All four can be found on The Skeld map. When crewmates work on the Submit Scan mission, a green circle will appear around the player. If this visual appearance appears, then it is certain that the player is a crewmate.

According to Among Us tips and trick, crewmate is highly recommended to always travel with other players. Thus, players have an alibi when being suspected by other players. For the record, you must be careful in carrying out this strategy. Make sure you have selected players who have confirmed their status as crewmates, by looking at the visual display when they are on a mission.

You can report the body of another player that has been killed as soon as you see it. If in doubt, the other members might come up to the player and assume that it was the player who did the killing. Finally, take advantage of emergency meetings but use them wisely. Make a call for an emergency meeting only if the player has something important to say.

Tips and Tricks as Impostors in Among Us

You can follow Among Us tips and trick by being good at acting, so you won’t be suspected by others. As an impostor, you can accuse other players for certain reasons when the discussion starts. You can try by saying that a certain player are just walking around without completing any mission. If you do this, you can convince other players to eliminate their own crewmate. Or if you want to play it safe, the impostor can pretend to follow the suggestions of other suspicious players.

You can also choose to be neutral by pressing the “Skip Vote” button when you become the impostor. This way, they won’t be suspicious because you act like an ordinary crewmate. Lastly, try to always be vocal and create a good alibi during discussions. Players who are silent will look suspicious and people will think that they are the impostor. Impostors are also given the same number of mission. However, you only need to pretend to carry out the mission so the crewmates won’t suspect them.

Impostors can visit mission locations and remain silent. This way, players who are passing by will think that you are another crewmate. It’s actually one of the best moment to kill a crewmate without being noticed. But remember to make sure the surroundings are quiet and no CCTV monitoring you. Another Among Us tips and trick is to hide the corpse so nobody knows you kill them.

After finishing the kill, the impostor can stand in a certain position to block the corpse of the crewmate. When the “cooldown kill” is ready, the impostor can employ a similar strategy to eliminate other players.

Players Must be Careful in Their Actions as The Impostor

One of the unique capabilities of the impostor is that it is able to move through ventilations. You can also take advantage by hiding in the ventilation. Make sure that nobody has seen you so you won’t be caught. You can follow Among Us tips and trick to kill a crewmate when they approaches your hiding spot. After you done, go back to your hiding or find another place.

Before doing this trick, make sure the player comes alone without being followed by other players. Because if you are not careful, then you will be suspected of being an impostor. You can sabotage the machine through the vent holes. Players can take advantage of this ability, to divert other players. For example, you an sabotage the machine of oxygen room to keep everyone away when you kill a crewmate in the Electrical room. For the record, impostors who have become ghosts can still help other importers by sabotaging them.

Tricks to Do Discussions in Games

Both the Impostors and Crewmates roles can participate in the discussion. The Among Us tips and trick for Crew Members, ask questions and try to find out where each player has been and what they did. If the player suspects someone to be an Impostors, ask the player if he can prove his innocence, either by a strong alibi or by a visual assignment. Meanwhile, for Impostors, do interference during discussion. If someone accuses a player of being Impostors, gather those players.

The best thing that can happen for Impostors is if the crew accidentally locks up an innocent crew member. Impostors should always have good alibis and accusations to other players. Playing this game is fun and exciting, especially when done with family or friends. Make sure you have mastered Among Us tips and trick so that you can always win the game.