8 Best Zombie Games of All Time That You Have to Try


Whether in the movie, real life, or even in a game, a zombie was a scary things right? Zombie is a creature which made by fiction. This thing seems like have an instinct to eat human and any other living thing around them. Every game has its own different characters, start from zombie who only walk or even jump or parkour. Addition, a zombie is a fictional creature or well-known as the living corpse. The zombie words are transcripted from the West Africa, that is from “nzambi”. Taken from BBC, Nzambi means that as a soul of dead body. no wonder if many people prefer to make zombie to support the art, such as movie, novel and even game, so I will make list of best zombie games of all time.

The first movie that takes a zombie theme is the White Zombie. Its theme commonly develop and become the villain in several games. According to Red Bull, the very first game which takes zombie theme is the Zombie Zombie from Quicksilva and its release on last 1984. Fortunately, it inspires a lot of game founder to create the same kind of theme. Even more, there is a game which crowned as the best Game of the Year.

The 8 Best Zombie Games of All Time

1. Resident Evil

Best Zombie Games of All Time

The first zombie game in list of best zombie games of all time is Resident Evil. Who doesn’t recognize resident evil? Many people consider that the resident evil is started from the movie, but the fact, the games of it who brought up this name become a movie. This game was released on 1996 which expand and founded by Capcom. This game becomes the best-seller on that’s time. You can even enjoy more than 7 series of Resident Evil games. The Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident evil 7 is the most recommended. This game has a funniest Resident evil classically with the best graphic till make you feel so scared.

2. The Last of Us

Best Zombie Games of All Time

The first game that you have to play is The Last of Us. This game recently release on 2013 in Playstation 3. The Last of Us games got more than 240 Game of the Year appreciation. If it calculates from several media, this game reaches a higher score for 9 up to 10.

The superiority of this game is, this game has a perfect feature and complete player desire on that’s time. start from the touched and funny story, a cringe competition and goes to the best graphics. By the time, these games expand and also available on the Playstation 4 in the Re-master version.

3. Plant vs Zombie

Best Zombie Games of All Time

The plant vs zombies series is the most recommended Zombie’s game that you have to play. This game was so unique, cute and you can play it to fill your spare time. You will control the plant that has a skill to against the zombie. Your job so simple, defense the house or building from the enemies or zombies attack. Actually, this game released for the PC on the 2009, then it released back for iOS 2009, not only that, on the last 2013 the second sequel release that is the Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time. Besides that, there is also another Plant vs Zombie series, like the Plants vs Zombies: Garsed Warfare.

4. Dying Light

The next list of best zombie games of all time is Dying Light. The Dying Light is the best zombie’s game for several consoles likes PS4, Xbox one, PC and etc. This game released on 2015, This game well-known as the Zombie game which truly cringed. Moreover, when the night comes, the zombie will appear on the night and catch you up. They will not only run, but they will also do the parkour. so it will make your heart beating so fast. The zombie inside this game has 2 skills, which is high jumping and fast running. So scary isn’t it?

5. Days Gone

Preceed to the next list this games was released on April 26 2019, well-known as the Days Gone. This is the most exclusive games on Playstation 4. Zombie inside this game called as the “Freakers”, different with the other zombie, the Freakers loved to gather in a group and fight their enemy together. You can play this game in a single player only, but if you follow the story it will make you having fun with it.

6. Dead Island

It talks about the world who fight by the Zombie’s plague and destroy several cities and entertainment places. You will start to the games from the hotel in the wonderful island, but everything change when the zombie appears and against human. You have to survive and carry out the rest victim to the safe place. This game was released on 2015 for several consoles. Glad news, the second sequel of this game will release.

7. Left 4 Dead

This is the first multiplayer games with the zombie theme. This games was released on 2008 which made by Valve South and the next squel of it appear on the next year. This games was so funny if we play it with our friends through online, you may become the superhero or even the zombie. It doesn’t mean that this game will make you feel bored when you play it single player, but if you play with your friend it is was so funny!

8. Into The Dead

The last list of best zombie games of all time is Into the dead. This game was released on the last 2012. This game played with against the zombie while running, when you are attacked by the zombie, it will reduce your blood. You may use many kind of weapons, and there is also the dog who will help you to fight against the zombie. If you play this game on your phone, you will get free payment on it.

So guys, those are 8 best zombie games of all time that you can download and play. You may play it for a single player or even for multiplayer mode. Hopefully, it will inform you beneficially, good luck and have a nice playing!