5 Best Weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale Game

Best Weapons in Fortnite

Are you the user of a fornite battle royale game? If so, you need to know the kinds of best weapons in Fortnite to use. By knowing them, there will be a good chance for you to win the game. Besides, if you recognize the kinds of right weapons, it will increase the sense of your gameplay. In this matter, do you want to know the Fortnite guns ranked? If so, just follow the explanation below carefully.

Best Weapons in Fortnite Commonly Used by Pro Players

When you want to raise your rank, you have to pick the Fortnite best weapons locations. So, you will get the right weapons you need during the game. To pick inappropriate weapons may lead to the loss of the game. So, try to pick the list of best weapons in Fortnite below when you are in the game.

1. M16 (Assault Rifle)

This kind of Fortnite weapons stats lets you have a fairly common drop weapon. Besides, this weapon can be a perfect all-rounder. When you use this weapon, you will feel a handy weapon in short to mid-range engagements. So, you can deliver decent damage and accuracy with it. Then, with its superiority, this M16 can easily take down the enemies with a few well-placed shots only.

2. Pump/ Tactical Shotgun

This weapon can be the perfect weapon for dominating the close-range duels. When you are in the close range to the enemies, you can immediately take this tool. So, during the game, don’t forget to pick this weapon. Then, this tool has a much slower fire rate.

However, if you can land a perfect hit, the Pump will deal with 95 damage. This condition is good to try to take down the enemy in one shot. To make it happen, you need a decent aim in order to create a perfect shot. When you miss a single shot, it would cost you dearly.

3. Bolt Action/ Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

You can use this weapon to take out targets at range. Different from the Pump, it can make you dominate in the long-range duels. When you have to take down the enemy from long range, just pick this tool. It will increase your chance of ending the competition with a victory. Moreover, to use a sniper need a perfect aim to land a deadly shot. Besides, you also need to take into account bullet drop. Although you need both difficult ways, you will be able to eliminate the opponent instantly with this weapon. So, create a critical hit with Bolt Action to take down any opponent who comes into sight in an instant.

4. Rocket Launcher

This weapon can be one of the best guns in Fortnite battle royale. It can produce explosive goodness that can quickly wipe out the cover and leave opponents wide open. In this matter, this tool is beneficial to give damage to a certain area and target more than one enemy.

5. SCAR (Assault Rifle)

SCAR is now the strongest tool to use in any situation. This kind of Fortnite weapons damage has good outstanding accuracy and sterling damage. It will also be able to be used effectively at all ranges. So, it will be a multi-function weapon in the game. In addition, you need to be aware of while using this weapon. It only drops as an epic or legendary. Hence, the best bet to get hold of one is to find out loot chests or aggress on the enemies.

Kinds of Fornite Battle Royale Grenade

Besides the best weapons above, there are some weapons that are not categorized as the top ones but are strong. They can be ridiculously great at the right hand. What are they? Let’s check them out.

1. Crossbow

This weapon presents a really slow rate of fire and heavy bullet drops. However, it has a trade-off that is immense damage, near-silent operation, and unlimited ammo. Although it is not the top weapon now, this tool will be lethal in the right hands.

2. Burst Rifle

When you pull the trigger, this weapon will fire a quick burst of three shots a second. This matter shows that this tool is one of the most accurate assault rifles to use for far distance. However, you may get struggles to use it in the close-range battle. So, you need to use it in an appropriate condition. If you have mastered this weapon well, it will be so strong for duels.

3. Boogie Bomb

With this tool, you will have a chance to force the enemies to dance in a few seconds. You can just throw it into the enemy’s vicinity and you will see them dance. This matter is so brilliant to flip a fight in the favor you want. Remember while using this weapon, you have to be accurate because it will explode on impact. If you miss an accuracy, it means that you put yourself in a less than a favorable position.

To choose the right and best weapons in this game is crucial for the game result. If you need a victory, grab the best weapons in Fortnite accurately.