Best Tips to win Battle Royal Mode COD for Experts and Minors

Best Tips to win Battle Royal

Weekend! It is time to come back staying in the bedroom all day without any interference. Of course, all people agree about it moreover your Call of Duty has been waiting for you. The best tips to win Battle Royal mode here are also ready to cheer up your day. Do you feel it is useless you cause you have been an expert for this video game? Remember, how much did you accept defeat in this shooting game? The Call of Duty mobile tips and tricks here are not only for the expert but also minors.

5 Best Tips to win Battle Royal Mode and Multiplayers

Let’s flashback for a while to remind what Call of a Duty video game! It is the newest shooting video game official released a month ago (October 1st, 2019). This free game from Tencent Games published through Activision attends special for iOS and Android. Besides Tencent, the Timi Studio Group also has a role in its development. So, it becomes the sophisticated first-people shooting game or the battle royal game. By the way, the game uses the machine namely Unity.

Finding the tips on how to win the Battle Royal mode of COD (Call of Duty) is easy. Many sources compete to present the best tricks and tips on the internet. Even though, little sources dare to give short tips to play the game. One of them is here that shares top 5 tips to win COD easily:

1. Get the right class

Firstly, you have known the classes in this video game and then choose according to your role. You might be appropriate to play in Scout, Clown, Medic, Ninja, or mechanic. They have different roles such as an expert in enemy tracking, call EMP drone, and so on.

2. Fight in the best vehicle

Secondly, it is very advisable to fight your enemy by riding a helicopter because Call of Duty has a large area. This vehicle helps you to attack your enemy easier than on foot. Nevertheless, you must be careful because it risks getting shot by the hidden sniper in the land.

3. Pay attention to Beacons and Supply Drops

The third way on how to win Battle Royal mode understand the essential meaning of Supply Drop and Beacon. Beacon is the item that will strengthen your special class skill by directing the locating from Class Upgrade item. Meanwhile, Supply Drop stores various items and weapons to increase your winning chance.

4. Start in the best loot to find items and weapons

All players of COD suggest beginning the game in a place that full of loot. This way helps you to get items and weapons where you do not allow playing in empty-hand. What places that categorize with many loots? It is Sakura, Nuclear Plant, Shipment, Killhouse, Launch, and Nuketown.

5. Choose to play in many maps

Playing in many maps becomes the last tip that you can use to reach the victory easily. Many maps help to know and learn the strategic locations to hide or shot your enemies.

5 Best Tips to win Battle Royal Mode special for New Players

Hello, new players! Could you use those best tips to win Battle Royal mode in Call of Duty? Okay, just follow if you can do it but do not force it if you cannot conduct it. The new players need different tips to fight inside the game.

1. Start from control setting

Control setting is important to do first because you need to manage its sensitivity according to your flavor. Besides that, it helps to make you familiar with the control where there are two shooting modes here. During playing the game, you may choose between automatic and advance (manual) modes.

2. Set your weapon loudout

Loudout is the essential weapon for playing in multiplayer and you can use to set the type of weapon from primary until secondary.

3. Forbid to stop or must move

Primarily in 5v 5 multiplayer modes, you forbid to stop or have to move. It makes your enemy is difficult to shot you. Besides that, the enemies in this mode always have difficult detection of its movement.

4. Differ the mode

It turns out many modes existing in Battle Royal and multiplayer and each mode has different strategies. The best tips to win Battle Royal mode need good collaboration among the members. Meanwhile, multiplayer has three sub-modes such as Bomb Mission, Frontline, and Deathmatch.

5. Play in Many Maps (same as prior tips)

Lastly, the tip to win is the same as number five in the prior tips. Even, the reason to choose this way is also similar to find the best places to shot and hide.

There are 10 best tips to win Battle Royal mode for experts and minors. Surely, they are not difficult to understand and you can play this new and fresh game on the mobile phone. Indeed, the weekend it the best time, easiest and cheapest way to relaxed and playing COD. Fight, defeat enemies, and bring the victory! Good luck!