Battle Royal Game for 1 GB RAM Phone – Choose Your Preferred Game

Do you want to have a battle royal game but your phones RAM is only 1 GB? If you do, you do not need to be sad. There are some battle royal games app that can be used on such a phone. Some kinds of battle royal game for 1 GB RAM phone are free to download. They are so popular and often be used by some gamer until now. What are they? To get the answer, let’s follow the explanation below carefully. Here we go.

List of Battle Royal Game for 1 GB RAM Phone You Need to Know

There are 6 kinds of battle royal games that are compatible with a 1 GB RAM phone. Here they are.

1. Garena Free Fire: Fear Fire

There are lots of phone users that play this game. Many people are interested in this game due to its challenging game. There will be 50 players that fight on the battlefield to get Booyah

. If you never play this game, you should try it to feel the great experience of battle. Then, with this game, you can also play with friends or squad if you do not want to play alone. So, do not hesitate to try this battle royal game for 1 GB RAM phone.

2. Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale

Are you a fan of games with pixel graphics? If so, you must be interested in this game. It has a battle royal game that can be played by 100 players simultaneously. So, it can be so challenging for you. Your skill is the key to play this battle royal game for 1 GB RAM phone if you want to win the game. It can be so since this game does not have an auto shoot or auto scope feature. So, your best skill will help you get a victory. Other game modes you can play in this game are such as Deathmatch, Zombie Apocalypse, and clan Forts and other games.

3. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

The next battle royal game for 1 GB RAM phone you can choose is Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival. Yes, this is a nice game to play where you can drive a helicopter in the game. Then, while driving a helicopter, you will feel a challenging battle sensation. In the battle, you should avoid being shot or you will fall and explode. Furthermore, this game lets you play together with 121 players in different locations. So, if you are curious about this game, just download and play it.

4. Creative Destruction

With Creative Destruction, you can feel a sensation like playing Fortnite game. During the game, you will be sent to a certain land with the other 99 players. With all the players, you will compete to be the winner and there will be only one winner in the end.

5. Battlelands Royale

When you need a different battle royale game, you may try Battlelands royale. This game has a unique control and point of view. The goal of playing this game is the same as other battle royale games. Yes, it is to figure out all players and stand up to be the winner. Then, there are some choices you can play this game. You can play alone, with friends, or with your squad if you have. For the number of players, there are 32 players to battle in this game. Just play as well as possible and get the victory at the end of the game. Also, this game does not have a long duration to finish it. The game will last in 3 to 5 minutes. So, if you do not like a battle game with a long duration, Battlelands Royale will be suitable for you.

6. Crossfire: Legends

The last battle royal game for 1 GB RAM phone you can download is Crossfire. It is a game from Tencent. Like another battle royal, you need to survive until the end of the game and become a winner. Then, you can play this game alone or with friends. Thus, you can have joy every time with it. Furthermore, you need to know that this game also has mutant mode beside the battle royal. This mutant mode will divide all players becomes two sides that are human and mutant.

Well, that is all about battle royal game for 1 GB RAM phone you can learn. Just choose the game that you like for your phone with a small RAM.