The Best Tips to Get Booyah in Free Fire – Win the Game as a Noob

Talking about the game, do you know the Free Fire? It is one of the famous games exists besides mobile legend or ml. It is kind of PUBG which is available and can be played on Android. As a newbie, you must know several best tips to get booyah in free fire as it becomes important information to guide you. Playing the free fire means you need to stay alive as for the very last standing. You will get off the plane to the unknown island without any weapon so you must look for it to help you fight. Today, we are going to discuss the free fire battleground tips and tricks. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

Several Best Tips to Get Booyah in Free Fire Games 2019

Even though you are a noob, you must want to win the game, right? Well, it may be possible as well as you read some tips before. Here is some tips about how to get booyah in a free fire game for you to read!

1. Booyah

Before playing the games, you must know what booyah free fire meaning first. Booyah is kind of exclamation. It is used to express happiness or joy over the victory. Usually, you will say booyah often when you start fighting using your shotgun.

2. Get off your plane

When you play free fire game, the first thing you will do is getting off the plane and landing on a building. Try to land on a building with 2 floors. There, you will get the chance to find many weapons so you may start attacking the enemies. After picking up the weapon, go to Hangar, Shipyard, Ranch, or Mars Electric to hide from the opponent, trying to create a plan. Yet, if you are ready to strike others, Mill, Factory, Bimasakti, and Peak and Equator become the best ones to start.

3. Weapon types

To get booyah, you must choose the right weapon. To maximalize the damage, you could choose two different weapons to use. Shotgun and AR or Rifle becomes very recommended. Shotgun is for attacking your enemy from the close zone. If you are afraid of having a close war, you may still hidden but able to attack the enemy from far place using your AR. To use those weapons, you need to tap them one by one while shooting.

4. Covering each other

Free fire is not a game for a solo player only but also for the duet or teammate player. When you fight with your enemy, you need to cover each other. However, you still focus on the game to clear the enemy first. It is good to help a friend but you need to do it later. If you focus on helping your friend while the enemy is there, you both will surely die and lose the game easily.

Tips for Semi-Pro Player

Even you are not a beginner anymore, you need to still notice some tips of the games so you could always win. Here are free fire pro tips for a player like you. They are:

1. Practicing. Let you play the game more and more often. This will be very useful because you could get more battle experiences. You, then, may be able to learn your opponents’ strategies and skills. By practicing often, you could also learn and hone your shooting skill to be semi-professional one.

2. Decision making. Sometimes, when you are on the game, you will doubt yourself too much. For instance, when you need to choose the weapon, you are doubtful whether or not it is best to choose shotgun, AR, SMG, or AWM. Be fast in thinking. Having such a fast smart decision may lead you to victory.

3. Learn new tricks

This is the most important free fire tricks to win. Learning new tricks, you could do anything. It includes scoping out firing, using trees and other barriers to survive from vehicle knock out, healing teammates through walls, etc. Learning new tricks will be useful someday.

4. Choosing your character. All characters are available in different skills of defense, speed, and healing. It is okay to choose great, popular character. Yet, it is best to use the comfy one which suits your style. Of course, if it is locked, you need to unlock it using some diamonds or gold you get.

There are still many best tips to get booyah in free fire game which has not been mentioned above. Of course, we could discuss it on other occasions. Finally, when you want to always win the game, you need to practice as often as you could.