5 Best Apps to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends


Hi game lovers! You must know Mobile Legends, right? Yes, this game is loved by everyone due to its attractive features of the battle play. Then, do you ever think about apps to get free diamonds? The apps are very useful to make you rich with diamonds faster. We know that diamonds are very important in Mobile Legends. You can use them to buy heroes, skins, emblem fragments, and some other important matters. Thus, you are strongly suggested to get the right apps to collect diamonds as much as possible. In relation to the apps to earn diamonds, you have to avoid cake app diamonds h4ck. You can use the legal apps that will give you a safe guarantee to get diamonds. So, there will no serious risks for you.

5 Most Recommended Apps to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

There are some best apps you can choose to earn diamonds Mobile Legends. All of them are legal and have been used by Mobile Legends users. From all apps to get free diamonds, there are five best apps you can try. They have been successfully used by many gamers of Mobile legends. What are they? Let’s check them out!

1. VeeU


This app is the first choice you can try. Generally, it is an app of a video community where the users can express their opinion, share funny and cool videos. Besides, the users can also earn diamonds for Mobile Legends using this app. So, for you who need diamonds Mobile Legends, download and install this app. We know that diamonds in Mobile Legends almost has the same role with free gems COC. You can use it to buy everything instantly. So, install it, follow the instructions, and get benefits of it.

2. Dent Android

With this app, you will have a chance to get a free pulse to exchange with diamonds Mobile Legends. This app can be used in any country. So, you can use it wherever you live. Besides, this app supports you to have Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin service. Thus, you will also get other beneficial services besides able to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends.

3. Kubik News

apps to get free diamonds in mobile legends

The third app you can use to earn diamonds Mobile Legends is Kubik News. It almost has the same role as Free My App in which it supports you for a game service. With Free My App, people can get Gems. With Kubik News, you can collect diamonds for Mobile Legends. Then, after you install this app, you can follow the instruction to get a pulse. To get it, you just need to read the news available in it. it is so simple, isn’t it? After reading, you will receive a little amount of pulse that you can collect and exchange it with diamonds.

4. New Cat

earn free diamonds

This is a new app that is good to try if you need to collect diamonds Mobile Legends. Similar to Kubik news, it is a reading news app in which every time you read new, you will receive money or pulse. When you have much money from this app, you can, then, exchange it with diamonds Mobile Legends if you want. So, you do not need to take your own money to buy diamonds. You can just read the news in your spare time and get a free pulse to buy diamonds. It is great, right?

5. Nimo TV

If you are true gamers, you must know Clash Royale and Mobile Legends. You need free gems Clash Royale to get something instantly in that game feature. While in Mobile legends, you need diamonds to do it. In this matter, especially for you Mobile Legends lovers, you can use Nimo TV app. This app has been used by millions of gamers around the world due to its beneficial service.

Why do many gamers like to use this app? It is because there are often many events in which you can get many prizes. One of the most interesting prizes is free diamonds Mobile Legends. So, just download, install, and register yourselves in this app. Follow the events and get some credits. Then, exchange the sufficient credits you have with diamonds Mobile Legends.

Form 5 apps to get free diamonds in mobile Legends above, you can choose one to be the app to collect diamonds. However, if you need a fast way to be rich with diamonds, you can use the five of them simultaneously.