How to Top Up UC PUBG Mobile Instantly and Cheaply

Nowadays, all people must play PUBG Mobile, this game is very popular among people all around the world. To play PUBG, you must need the UC because it is one currency used in this game. Why need to top up UC PUBG Mobile?. Well, with UC, you could make your avatar player cool. Plus, you may purchase items and skins; these two will be useful for completing the missions. Would you like a UC PUBG top-up? Then, you might read our article about the top up PUBG Mobile Codashop here. Let’s check it out for further information below!

Several Steps to Easy Top up UC PUBG Mobile

Talking about the top up UC PUBG Mobile, there are some ways to do UC top-up without using a credit card? Let’s take a look at them in the following details!

1. Go to the legal website

The easiest way to top up UC PUBG Mobile is by visiting the legal PUBG website. Then, you need to log in. Well, you might use your PUBG character ID or instead, use your Facebook account. To check your ID, you could go to your PUBG profile, and then, search for basic info. Then, you might know your ID and even copy-paste it.

Once you have successfully logged in, make sure that the account information suits your ID. Then, go to the payment method and select Go-Pay! (make sure you have already had a top-up if you haven’t, you could buy it with a credit balance). After that, choose the UC nominal and click next. Finally, you just need to confirm the payment and your Go-Pay balance will be automatically deducted.

2. Google Play

Google Play has been known by many people especially Android users. It is useful to buy movies, to purchase e-books, or to UC PUBG Mobile top-up. To have a Google Play top-up, you need to log in your PUBG Mobile-first and play it until you find Lobby Game.

After that, go find and click the (+) sign on the right side of your UC nominal. Then, simply select the UC nominal top-up. Later, it will automatically proceed with your Google Play account. There, you are free to select whether you want to pay with Google Play balance, Credit balance, or Go-Pay. Choose one and wait for the transaction successful.

3. Codashop

Codashop has been a popular, trusted website to top up UC PUBG Mobile. For your information, you could also do other games’ top-up with the Codashop. To start with, let you go and visit the Codashop page with your device. It is fine using a mobile phone or a laptop.

Then, go and search the PUBG Mobile game. Seconds later, you will be automatically dragged to the purchase shop. Click Unknown Cash to continue. Enter your PUBG ID and select the payment method. You could use M-banking, (ATM Card), Go-Pay, or Credit balance; this will be your decision. Then, select the UC nominal and wait for the transaction successful.

4. Via Unipin

Unipin is similar to Codashop, it is a website for the game top-up. Let you visit the site. The next steps will be the same as you are doing a PUBG top-up with Codashop.

The Benefits of UC PUBG Mobile Top-Up

Talking about the top up UC PUBG Mobile, there are some advantages you will have from the top-up transaction. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

1. Exclusive items and skins

You might indeed get free items or skins from free UC or BP. Yet, not all of the items are available for that. Some exclusive items and skins (Legend and Mytic) are available if the users doing a top-up. Remember, items and skins are useful to support you in doing and completing the game missions. Plus, they work well to make your avatar looks cooler and catchier.

2. The game support

Doing a top-up means that you are supporting the game creator. Of course, the creator might be happy to know that some people love his game. With the money earned from your top-up, the creator might also develop the game further.

Finally, those steps mentioned are ways to top up UC PUBG Mobile for PUBG Mobile game players especially Android users. Thus, iOS users might also use the websites for PUBG Mobile top-up.