Top Education Apps 2020 – Top Education Apps for Android and iPhone

Top Education Apps

In this era, there are some simpler media to learn and get additional knowledge. Yes, it is an app that you can get from your android or iPhone. If you want to try some kinds of it, you can download the top education apps on your device. They provide some tasks to do that are good to increase your smartness. So, just feel free to try some educational apps for android free download or for iPhone at your convenient time.

10 Top Education Apps for Learners

If you are a learner, you are strongly recommended to download the apps below. They will help you so much to do some various subjects related to education. Here they are.

1. CamScanner

The first app you should have is CamScanner. It can scan an article in the printed paper and make it an editable text. So, after scanning, you can make it PDF, JPEG, and even the new printed document. So, it will be useful when you have a task from school to find some references for your research. You do not need to copy the article that will spend additional money. You can just scan some pages you want and take it home with this app.

2. Duolingo

This one of the best educational apps lets you translate any text into your selected language. This app can also translate a webpage and document into some languages. Thus, this app is a good choice if you want to learn another language. Besides, this app offers an intensive language course to any society. So, this app will be suitable for kids, teenagers, or even adults.

3. Quizlet

Top Education Apps

As the name, this app is designed for the users to get a marathon learning session. When you have this app, you can make a text and save pictures and audio. Also, this kind of top education apps lets you browse and explore many quizzes that you make. So, it will be easier for you to find all the topics you are looking for.

4. GradeProof

Top Education Apps

Do you get difficulty to make good writing? If so, you can use this app to solve it. GradeProof will help you write well. With its feature, this kind of best educational apps will increase your writing style, check its originality, and identify the grammar. So, let yourself start making good writing with a free assistance app. If you want to upgrade to the premium, you can pay a little cost. After you do it, you can enjoy more complete features in this app.

5. My Study Life

Top Education Apps

When you become a student, there must be a moment you get so many tasks and extra activities. In this matter, you get difficulty to follow the tasks and forget some activities. To solve those problems, you can install My Study Life on your phone. This app will remind you of the daily planning.

With its feature, you can make it as the school calendar. It is so amazing, isn’t it? Then, with this app, you can always be aware of any tasks. It can happen since this app will send a reminder about the task deadline to your phone wherever you are. So, you will never miss the upcoming task.

6. Star Walk

Top Education Apps

The sixth kind of best educational apps you can download is Star Walk. With it, you can observe the stars in the sky. So, it is suitable for you to learn some things more related to astronomy. B3sides, this app also has a calendar related to certain events on the sky like blood moon and some others. With its features, it lets you have fun observing some things in the sky while learning.

7. Notability

Top Education Apps

For you who like to make some notes, you can do it on your smartphone with this app. You can do it in various forms. Are you interested in it? Just try if you are. Then, with Notability, you can make an outline of your idea and add a description of the document you want to upload. For certain reasons, you can also sign a certain contract with it. So, just get this one of the top education apps to help you finish your tasks simpler.

8. WolframAlpha

This app will be so useful for you when you do not know some difficult questions to answer. This kind of great education apps will give you an accurate answer for anything you ask. It can happen since it generally uses an algorithm and trustable data to answer any question from the users. So, when you have this app, it means you have a knowledge machine with accurate work. Then, besides able to answer the question accurately, it also shows how it can find the answer. Thus, you will not only get the answer but also how it can happen.

9. Periodic Table

Do you always get difficulty to learn chemistry? If you do, it is a good time for you to try this app. With the great features it has, the Periodic Table will help you learn chemistry easily. So, just download it soon. Furthermore, you need to know that this app is created by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It combines some things, like podcasts and video, to help you learn the chemical compound element easily. So, with it, you do not need to be worried anymore about chemical subjects.

10. StudyBlue

The last kind of top education apps you can download is StudyBlue. With it, you can get more spirit to study. How can it happen? Well, with it, you can make and share some questions. Besides, you can do some quizzes to improve your knowledge. So, StudyBlue offers some features to make you always find a spirit to study again and again. Moreover, there are many learning guides and methods in this app that are useful to make you understand the material faster. So, let yourself get better achievement with this app.

From a few top education apps above, which one do you want? Well, all of them will be useful to you. So, you can download a few of them that fit your needs.