The Best Upcoming Laptop 2020 – Getting the Various Kinds

Best Upcoming Laptop 2020

Are you looking for a laptop with the best quality? If it is so, you need the information about the best upcoming laptop 2020. To get a laptop that has the best quality, you have to know the specifications of the laptop. Thus, to get the information more, it is very suggested for you to follow the information below. Actually, it is about the specification of the laptop and the price that is offered. So, let’s check the specification in each kind of laptop!

10 Kinds of Best Upcoming Laptop 2020

There will be 10 kinds of the best laptop in 2020. Do you want to know them? Here are the kinds available for you.

1. ASUS ROG Strix III G531GD-I505G1T

This kind of the best upcoming laptop 2020 is the newest series or variant of the gaming laptop. It has a well-set performance. Therefore, this Asus laptop is suitable for a heavy application like gaming or editor application. Then, the RAM of this laptop is 8GB and the screen is up to 15.6 inches.

2. Apple MacBook Air

Best Upcoming Laptop 2020

If you like designing something, this kind of laptop can be your choice to have. It has the system of Intel Core i5 and has 8GB for the RAM. Then, for the shape, this laptop is thin enough and portable so that it will be easier to bring everywhere.

3. HP Notebook 14s-cf0013TX

Best Upcoming Laptop 2020

The next kind of the best upcoming laptop 2020 is named HP Notebook 14s-cf0013TX. You have to know that this kind of laptop is very appropriate for an editor. Then, for the RAM, it has 8GB. Besides, this laptop is also completed with the graphic card of AMD Radeon that is up to 2GB.

4. Lenovo Thinkbook 20R9006XID

Best Upcoming Laptop 2020

This laptop is also portable and very thin. The thickness is only 1 cm and the weight is less than 1 kg. Then, the processor of this laptop is Intel Core i5 that is completed with SSD 256GB and RAM is 8GB.

5. HP Pavilion X360 14-dh0035TX

How about this kind of laptop? It is small and flexible to bring. This laptop has two different models or versions. You can make it as a laptop or a tablet. It can be like that because the switch of the laptop is up to 360 degrees. Then, this laptop has 4GB for the RAM with the internal is 1 terabyte.

6. Asus Chromebook C204MA-BU1430

Actually, this kind of laptop can be classified into an excellent one. It is very appropriate for the students to do their assignments. For the operation system, it applies to Windows 10.

7. Lenovo Yoga 530-14ARR

This best upcoming laptop 2020 is a hybrid laptop that has a comfy keyboard and completed with the travel distance. You have to know that this kind of laptop is suitable for business importance and a writer. Moreover, this laptop is easy to bring although the screen is big enough. It is up to 14 inch and it is completed with 8GB for the RAM and SSD that is up to 256GB.

8. Acer Aspire 5 A514-51G

Are you a gamer lover? If the answer is true, this kind of laptop is suitable for you. Actually, it a laptop gaming that is used by gamers even though it is not designed for gaming. However, the specification can be used for gaming. The processor system is up to Intel Core i5 and the internal memory is up to 1 terabyte. So, it is suitable for playing a game.

9. Dell XPS 13 9370

This kind of the best upcoming laptop 2020 is also classified into a thin laptop. It is proved by the screen of the laptop is up to 13.3 inches. However, it will be like 14 inches because the bezel is thin. Then, the process of booting is fast because it has SSD that is up to 256GB.

10. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 inch

What about this last kind of the best laptop? Greatly, Xiaomi is not only for the handphone but also for the laptop. This laptop has the specification for the RAM that is up to 8GB and SSD is up to 256GB. Furthermore, this laptop has a thin body that shows the thickness is less than 1 cm. Then, the processor is the Intel Core i5.

Those are the various kinds of the best upcoming laptop 2020 that you can recognize. After knowing the specifications of each laptop, just choose one of them that you want to buy.