Secret Features Gmail on App and PC Version You Should Know

Secret Features Gmail

Exploring the secret features Gmail is so much fun because it will help you to maximize the usage of Gmail. As we know, this year Gmail has developed many features and keep increasing the service for the users. The good thing is that they also develop the feature both for the app version and for the web/PC version. If you use the Gmail app for professional purpose, you should know these secret features of the Gmail app.

Secret Feature Gmail on App Version: Top 5 Hidden Things

Below is the list of hidden feature that you can use to help you get easier using Gmail app, mainly if it is part of your professional career.

1. Selective notification setting

Are you tired of the email notifications of promotions and from social media? Well, Gmail has a secret feature that will help you manage it. You can now manage the notification for the priority email only because the new feature can read the most important message for you.

To set the notification for important email only, you can go to your Gmail app’s settings. Select your Gmail account and tap the Notifications menu. After that, select the “High priority only” so you will only receive notification of important email.

2. Ability to manage the Promotions tab

The next hidden features Gmail that you should know is about managing the Promotion tab. Many people who use Gmail app for professional career find it annoying sometimes and it needs to be managed. Lucky that no Gmail has developed the feature so we can get less promotion notification when open the app.

To make sure that your main inbox is still in order without promotions email, you can go to your Gmail app’s settings menu, and then choose the email account. After that, tap the “Inbox categories”. Scroll down the menu and choose the option “Enable Bundling of Top Email”, then uncheck it.

But, if you don’t want to see the promotion inbox, you can change the “Inbox Categories” and uncheck the promotions. Once you uncheck it, you will not see the promotion email. This feature will allow you to read the message from your colleague, friend, and family first.

3. New gesture custom

Do you know that some of the Gmail app options can be done using the gesture? Yes, this is one of the hidden features in Gmail on app version in your mobile. You can now easily manage the mail such as to snooze or to delete it without any complicated steps.

To get the benefit, you can visit your Gmail app’s setting by tap the three dashes on the upper left corner. Choose the General Settings and then choose the Swipe actions menu. Once you go to this menu, there are two options o the gestures: the right and left swipe. You can manage it as you want. This is one of the newest Gmail features that released this year at the same time it released the new appearances.

4. Sent later feature

One of the best-hidden features that also has just released is the ability to send the email at the exact date and time as you want. This is important for some people when they manage their business through the email.

To one of the newest hidden features of Gmail, you can just simply press compose new email symbol, the plus symbol on your inbox. You can either write the mail first or set the sending schedule first. To activate it, tap the three dots on the top-right of the screen. Choose the “Schedule send” menu; this is on the first list menu. Then read the time setting there.

There are some choices such as tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, Monday morning and a menu to custom by yours. If you want to change the date, tap the “Pick date & time” menu. Then input the time and date as you want. Don’t forget to notice the time zone when you customize it. This feature will be useful if you have scheduled email so you will not miss to send it at the exact date. If you use the desktop version, you will find the menu near the Send button.

5. Reply and follow customization

Some emails may appear as disturbing rather than give you some benefit, mainly the email that doesn’t need to be replied. And Gmail itself has some feature to keep the important email at the inbox as a priority. And this will not disappear until you make the reply and follow up.

If you think this is not necessary, you can manage it. Just go to your Gmail app’s setting and choose the Gmail account. Scroll down the menu lists until you find the option “Reply and follow up”. Tap it and uncheck both sub-menu. By doing this secret features Gmail app, you can focus on the next email that comes to your inbox easily.

These are the lists of secret features Gmail that you can do if you use the app version on your mobile phone. Many other hidden things may beneficiary for you. All you need is just to explore the Setting menu and try to open what you find there. When you compose a new email, try to open the three dash icon too. You will find more secret there, such as the email with “confidential mode” for secretive email.

The 3 Hidden Features for G mail Desktop Version

Although the secret features Gmail on both devices is almost the same, but there is some new hidden feature on the desktop version. You should know these feature if you work with Gmail using desktop.

1. Set the un-send message option

The first of secret features Gmail in desktop version is about using the un-send message feature. Normally, you will see this menu right after you successfully send the email. If suddenly you notice there are some typos or errors, you can just click it to edit. Unfortunately, it just appears for a few seconds only.

But, if you use the desktop version, you can manage it up to 30 seconds. To customize it, go to your Settings menu and find the Undo Send menu. Adjust the cancellation time as you want.

2. Spell check

You may never wonder that Gmail has developed the new feature to support the way you emailing people. Now, Gmail has the spelling check feature to make sure you write the email properly. To activate this mode, you can click the three dots on the bottom right. You will see the Spell check menu, and then click it.

The amazing thing from this one of the secret features Gmail is that you will be able to choose the language that you want. The languages are including English, French, Germany, Indonesian, and even Catalan.

3. Experimental access

Do you know that you experience upcoming secret features Gmail before they are officially released? To try the new feature that most people unaware, you can go to your Setting. Then go to the General menu and choose Experimental access option. By checking the box, you can use the secret menu that will benefit you.

Those are the secret features Gmail that you can try both on app or desktop version. After knowing many things about those hidden things, you can now maximize the usage of Gmail. Hopefully, you can be more productive when you use Gmail as an important part of your life.