Show Hidden File on Mac in Simple Methods You Can Try Easily

Show Hidden File on Mac

Show hidden file on mac sometimes confusing and maybe it is one hard thing to do because it requires many steps. And for the one who doesn’t understand coding, it may be stressing because there is some coding you can do to recover it. The good news for you is that there is a way to show hidden file on mac without a terminal. When you use the terminal, it requires some command to recover the hidden file. But, this can damage your Mac if you don’t do it properly.

How to Show Hidden File on Mac in Easiest and Fastest

Without using the terminal, you can still recover the hidden file on your Mac. There are some easiest solution and the new favorite way to recover the hidden files on your Mac. It is by using the shortcut. Since there is Mac Sierra, now there is a shortcut to reveal the hidden files. To begin, you can use the Finder first. Whenever you see the Finder window, try to press command and shift simultaneously and hold it for a while. The find the folder which you think the file is invisible.

After you reach the Library, press Command, Shift and Period instantly. After you press these three shortcuts, then you will see the hidden files. And if you would like to hide them again, just press the similar command.

Show hidden files mac shortcut became the easiest way you can also choose. This is also a safe way to reveal the file. Since Mac has many reasons to hide many files such as it is an important configuration data, revealing need some safe ways. And this way could be your second choice if you are afraid you will make some mistakes.

Is there any another simple way?

How to show hidden files on my mac? Is there any other way? Lucky there is some another simple way to show the hidden files mac without terminal command. For the beginner or those who are not familiar with syntax command, lucky there are some other choices you can try.

1. Using an App of Copy Cleaner

First is by using an app that can show a hidden file. You can choose some app such as Carbon Copy Cleaner. This app is like backup utility so it will show all the files in your Mac drives, no matter if it’s hidden or not. You can download this app and then use it. This app is suitable if you want to do some backup or want to copy the hidden files. To make sure you do it right, don’t forget to choose the menu Copy Some Files only to make a copy of hidden files. And when you run this menu, the app will show you all of the files. Make sure you know the files you are going to do with.

2. Using a Finder Application

Another way that suits for the beginner is by seeking it using Finder. This is different than the first method. In this method, there is no need to press the shortcut. To begin, use the Finder window and type the file’s name that you are looking for.  If the result is saying 0 items, try to look the extra bar located at the top of the window. Tap the button that shows the file visibility. Choose other and you will see drop-down options. Choose Invisible Items and you will find the hidden files that you are looking for. Unfortunately, this may not very effective if you don’t know the name of the hidden file. So the key in this simple method is to know the name file of the hidden files.

Those are all the simplest way to show hidden file on mac that you can do. You can try it one by one and find the suits way that you do think it’s easier for you. No need to worries of damaging your data because all of them are not using syntax which usually for the advanced user.