7 Secret Places in Free Fire – The Best Spots to Hide and Survive Longer

Do you want your character to survive longer in the game? If so, you need to know the secret places in Free Fire. By knowing them, you can survive longer in the game and become the best. In this game, many players have not known yet about several secret places to explore. Those Free Fire hiding places provide much loot. You can collect some of them so that you have sufficient stock to survive.

Secret Places in Free Fire to Visit Carefully

To handle the game better than others, you need to often visit the secret places in Free Fire. Thus, you will be rich in loot and safe from any attacks. Here are the 7 best places you need to know in this game.

1. Riverside

This place is located next to the dam. You can come to this place and look around the location. Make sure you come there before enemies do. To come there, any characters have to walk across the dam that they will walk slower. It is the best situation for you to attack any enemies walking there from Riverside. That is why you have to come earlier than others. The best weapon

to prepare is Sniper. You can shoot any enemies’ heads and kill them while trying to reach this place.

2. Pochinok

It is a good place to visit since enemies seldom come here. They think that there must be many enemies to stay here since it is located at the center. Therefore, they tend to go to side places. In this condition, it is a good time for you to explore this place and try to find a green building. That building is the safest place to hide. Besides, you can also find much loot in this place. so, you can collect as much as possible.

3. Mars Electric

It is one of secret place in free fire that is rarely visited by the players. It will be beneficial for you to come here since you can get a lot of loot in Mars Electric. Besides, there are several pools you can use to ambush an enemy. So, make sure you stay in the center of the pool and kill an enemy to come to it.

4. Pochinok

We are still with Pochinok but it is a little bit opened. This spot is hard to see. Therefore, it is a recommended place to hide. Don’t forget to hold your Shotgun while you are in this place to figure out every enemy comes at any time.

5. Plantation

Next of secret place in free fire is plantation. Plantation becomes the most suitable place to hide as a safe zone. Therefore many players do not know the right location to hide. They tend to choose tall grasses to hide than buildings. In this Free Fire safe place, you can find loot and observe the surroundings to see any enemies that can suddenly come. Then, to find this location is not so difficult. It has green and red colors. So, just find it and enter. Don’t forget to hide on the upper floor. In this place, you have a chance to get a helm and vest level 3 if you find them.

6. Shipyard

The shipyard is known as the location that provides much loot. So, you can start collecting loot from this place. Moreover, you can also find the secret location exists in the Shipyard area. So, just explore this place and find benefits there.

7. Rim Nam Village

Many players are reluctant to come here as it looks like a floating village. This location contains much loot with a high level to collect. Besides, there are some secret spots you can use to ambush other players. So, it is the right location to survive. Then, to ambush other players effectively, you can sneak between boats on the harbor near Rim Nam Village. In this location, enemies usually come to hide. When you arrive before them, it will be easier for you to kill any enemies to come.

Since to stay on the right location is important to survive, you have to know the secret places in Free Fire. Before playing, you can memorize the name of those places and visit as soon as possible in the early game. Thus, you will have more chance to survive longer. To improve your gameplay, you can also learn the Free Fire tips and tricks as well. Good luck and have a nice try.