Screen Recorder for Mac – Recording Guidance Using 6 Apps

Screen Recorder for Mac

Screen recorder for Mac is important for some user is important. It could help them for personal and entertainment purpose. Some professional purpose such as for presentation or guidance will need the screen recorder. Lucky that now any Mac user can use the screen recorder either for full or some part of the screen. You can find the information about the screen recorder apps that you can use below. There will be also the guide on how to record a screen on mac with audio. There are at least six apps you can use.

Screen Recorder for Mac – mac OS Mojave

Apple has the screen recorder for MacBook and other Mac called macOS Mojave. With this feature that Apple has made, Mac users will be able to record their screen no matter for full screen or some part of the screen. And below is the explanation using the official screen recorder.

1. To record your entire screen

To record the entire screen of your Mac, you can follow these steps:

  • Press Shift-Command and 5 on your keyboard. If you successfully do this, you will see all the controls of video recording. There are five main menus with icon and two additional options.
  • Click the fourth icon or the icon that shows the whole screen with a dot on the right bottom. Please notice that your pointer will turn to a camera symbol.
  • Then, use the thumbnail that you can see there. There are some choices to trim, save, share or take other actions that you can choose according to your need.
  • If you want to save the recording, you can just click save on the thumbnail.

2. Record some part of the screen

As an official screen recorder for Mac, macOS Mojave also can be used to record some selected area of your screen. So, if you want to record such as mini-dialogue and how it’s done, you can do it easily. Follow the steps below:

a. Open the screen recorder by pressing Shit-Command and 5 on your keyboard, just like the previous way.

b. Click the icon with full strips; it is the rightest icon from the five recoding icons there.

c. Drag the pointer to select the area that you want to record. If you want to move the entire selection, you can drag from within the selection. So if you notice you do some wrong selection to the area, you can change it before recording.

d. To do a recording click the option Record on the screen. Once you click it, Mojave will start doing a recording to the selected are.

e. While to stop recording. Click the circle icon with with-rectangle inside it. You can also stop the recording by pressing Command-Control then press Escape simultaneously.

f. Now, there will be menus such as trim, share and save. Choose the action you would like to do.

Finally, you can have the video of your screen. You can also enable the recorder to record the audio. It means any sound within the system or by the microphone can also be recorded while you are doing the screen recording.

To set the audio setting, you can press Shift, Command and 5 then click the Options. There will be many options that you can see there. Choose the option Microphone so you can record other audio such as music or even your voice when you record the screen.

Recording using QuickTime Player

Another screen recorder for Mac that you can use is QuickTime Player. If you want to use this, you don’t need to use Mojave anymore. Make sure you already have the application before you use it. And here’s the guide to use it.

1. Open the application by going to your Applications folder.

2. To make the new recorder, choose the File menu then click New Screen Recording option. You will notice that the Screen Recording window will open right after it.

3. Please notice that you can do the setting. Choose the arrow sign on the right side of the grey circle icon with a red dot in it. There will be some menu that you can use to adjust the microphone and the mouse click.

4. If you choose Microphone option

You can record the video along with your voice or other audio. Don’t forget to adjust the volume by dragging the volume slider. While for the menu of Show Mouse Clicks while recording, it means to show the pointer when you click when recording.

5. After you are done with the setting, you can directly start your recording. Click the grey circle icon with red dot there.

6. If you want to do an entire screen recording, click anywhere to begin. But if you want to record some area of the screen, drag the pointer to select the area. Then click Screen Recording that appears within the selected area.

7. To stop your recording, you can press the grey circle with a black rectangle inside it on the menu bar. You can also do the Command-Control-Escape from your keyboard to make it stop.

8. If you have done a recording with this screen recorder for Mac, you can see your recording. You can edit, play or share the recording that you have just made.

For both applications, if you want to cancel your recording, all you need to do is just pressing Esc on your keyboard. Remember that you cannot use some apps to record. So if you want to record a video and there is a notification that you not allowed to record, it means you shouldn’t do it.

Other Apps to Record

There are some screen recorders for MacBook Pro that you may use, which also available for another kind of Mac. Here are the lists of screen recorder applications and the description.

1. ScreenFlow 8

You can find this app on your App Store. ScreenFlow 8 is suitable if you want to do something more with your recording. This is a premium screen recorder for Mac with a little more features. This is suitable if you want to do a video tutorial or if you want to record a game.

If you are a gamer, this could be your choice mainly if you have a social media fan base already. You can edit it and add many effects to make your video more attractive. When you use ScreenFlow, you can edit it after you finished recording. Are you a FaceTime camera user? If yes, then this app will also good for you if you want to record your video when you use it. Many people said that this screen recorder for Mac is such a clever inclusion.

2. Capto

Another screen recorder for Mac that you can use is Capto. This app is also available on the App Store at a cheaper price compared to ScreenFlow. The best thing about Capto is the ability to edit the video up to 4K resolution. You can also use this app to record in chosen frame rates. Lucky that this screen recorder for Mac also has a full feature such as ScreenFlow. Since this app also has a simple editing feature, you can use it if you are a beginner in recording and editing. So if you play a great video game and would like to record it in a very basic way, use this as an alternative.

3. Camtasia

Screen Recorder App, Catamsia

The next screen recorder for Mac on our list is Camtasia. You also can buy this app on the App Store. The greatest thing about Camtasia is the ability to capture the video from the FaceTime camera simultaneously. It also becomes the editing solution because it offers many features. By using this screen recorder, you can have a free trial to record your screen and edit it in a genius way. Maximize the free trial to explore more about the features.

4. Snagit

Do you want a screen recorder for Mac that offer powerful image editor features? Well, Snagit can your answer. It is a great video recorder and editor with a simple interface. Another best thing is that you can easily find your recording in the future. Are you also interested in making a GIF from your video of your screen? You can do it with a single click from the previous screen in this screen recorder for Mac. It also has a free trial mode if you want to try it to explore more features.

Finding the Best Screen Recorder

Choosing the screen recorder for Mac may be quite confusing due to the features and the budget. But don’t worry, we will help you to choose.

Anyway, choosing ScreenFlow can be the best if you want to record along with an iPad or iPhone. But if you don’t want to buy it, you can use Mojave. For the others, you can try to use the free trial mode to check if it is suitable for your purpose. Each of the screen recorders above has a free trial, try to use it to find your requirements. You need to test the software before you decide to buy it.

Don’t forget to read each of the terms and conditions before you purchase it. Make sure you analyze each of the screen recorders for Mac above as detail. You will find the best that suits your need.