Check Apple Serial Number – How to Identify on iPad, iPod, and MacBook

Check Apple Serial Number

If you use Apple products, you may need to check Apple serial number. Checking the serial number is important to make sure that your product is real and licensed. Besides, you can also use the number to track your Apple products. Just for your information, the way to check the number series can be different within the products. So if you are asking about how to check Apple serial number, you can find the information below in each section.

Get Apple Serial Number on iPhone

Check serial Number on iPhone

The serial number that you can find is including iOS device serial number IMEI/MEID, ICCID or the CDN. Before you check it, you should now that you can find these numbers in many places. If you buy the product, you can check the physical device, and on the original packaging. And if you think one day you will contact Apple regarding your issue, the number is important. Apple customer support will use the number to identify your device so they can help you. Below are the ways to get Apple serial number on iPhone.

  1. Go to your Setting menu
  2. Choose the General menu, and then choose the option about on the next screen.
  3. Now, you can see the serial number of your device there. To know other numbers, all you need is just by scrolling down the screen.
  4. If you want to use the number to report your device, you can copy it by touch the number and hold for a few seconds. Your serial number is ready to be used.

What if you can’t see the IMEI number? Well, some iPhone products may don’t display the serial number information due to security reason. And the solution is by looking at the IMEI number on the SIM tray. Don’t worry it will still work if you need it to support your report to Apple.

For iPad and iPod Touch

Apple serial number on iPad

While to get Apple serial number on iPad and iPod touch has the same way. All you need is just to see the back of the device. There will be numbers there and you should remember that MEID is the first 14 numbers of the IMEI.

Have a problem finding the number on the iPhone or iPad? If you still can find the number, you can use iTunes. To check it, you should connect your Apple device to your computer and then launch the iTunes. Locate your device and then click Summary to see more information. To find the IMEI/MEID and ICCID of iPhone, you can click the phone number options. While for the iPad is by clicking the Serial Number. Choose Edit and click Copy Serial Number if you want to use it.

Identify the Number on MacBook

Check Macbook serial number

It is very easy to find the information or check the Apple device serial number on your MacBook. Lucky that Mac provides many tools that users can use to identify them. Read the explanation below to help you find it. If you can turn on your Mac, you can see the detail by choosing the Apple menu with apple symbol in the up-left of the mac screen. Choose the menu “About This Mac”. Now, you can see the number of details of your Mac.

While if your Mac is in trouble so you can’t turn it on, you can see the serial number under your Mac. Yes, Apple provides a printed number underside of the Mac. If you bought Mac officially, you can also find the number on the original package. Usually, it is near the barcode label. If you want to curious and want to find Apple serial number, use it and enter to the Check Coverage page on Apple site.

When the Device Lost

When you don’t own the Apple device such as due to it lost, you can try these ways to find Apple serial number:

1. Login to Apple ID account page on your computer. You can use any computer here.

2. Sign in by entering the Apple ID and password. If you can’t remember, you can send a confirmation that you forget the password.

3. Once you can log in, scroll down the menu until you see “Devices”. Click the device and now you can see the IMEI/MEID number.

If these couldn’t help, all you need is contact the Apple support. They will assist you to check Apple serial number on your device. Since the serial number is important, we need to remind you to keep the packaging. This is because you can find these numbers there.