Root Android Phone Without Computer – Let’s Root Android From Phone

root android phone without Computer, Root android from phone

Root is a way to fully access all of files, command, system in android operating system of your smartphone or tablets to attain privileged control so you can remove, add, change all of files on our smartphone. Function of rooting is to give full access for android users to be able control all of system on android system. When your android system’s still original, maybe you ever found some files or apps that you won’t it. So you want to uninstall but you can not do it. So you have to root Android phone without Computer or root android from phone.

That files or apps are files or apps of android system so you can not remove or uninstall the apps without rooting your android phone. This article I want to share about how to root android phone without PC or computer. Many apps to root android. But I would recommend you good apps for rooting so that you can root android phone without PC or computer easily. You don’t worry your phone can be broken because of this rooting.

Advantages of Rooting
  • We can remove system apps (bloatware) in our smartphone.

Because of rooting we can fully control all of apps on our smartphone, example to backup, restore, batch edit apps, or remove bloatware. We know that many system apps or bloatware in our android smartphone that we seldom use it even we never use it. So the apps make your smartphone slow.

  • We can improve the performance of our android phone.

One of the advantages of rooting that you can optimize the function of your smartphone. Because you can fully control your RAM or GPU your smartphone.

  • Full custom ROM

We can install a custom firmware (Custom ROM) that allows additional levels of control on a rooted android device. Even we can install other firmware from different android smartphone, maybe you use Lenovo smartphone. You want to install Samsung firmware on your smartphone because you want to change display of your Lenovo smartphone to Samsung smartphone.

Disadvantages of Rooting
  • Rooting will void the warranty our smartphone

One of disadvantages of rooting is voiding the warranty of your android phone. If you want to repair your android phone because your phone’s getting trouble before limit the date of warranty. You certainly can not do it because your phone’s already rooted. But you don’t worry because you can Unroot your android phone again so your android phone can come back to original system before root. For Unrooting please read this article How to Unroot your Android Devices.

  • Rooting can damage Android System , bootloop, Softbrick, and HardBrick

If you are failed to root your phone will get bootloop. You can come in your system of android phone or your android phone can’t turn on even your hardware your android phone will be broken because you are failed to root.

  • It could weaken the security system of your Android phone.

Because of rooting, Android system will easily affected by malware attacks. So you must be careful to download apps or access website. You can download security apps or antivirus apps to protect your Android system.

OK for the end of How to Root Android Phone Without Computer article. I will recommend you what app that better to root your Android phone. As we know many apps to root android phone without computer or root android from phone but not all apps can root Android from phone perfectly. This app can compatible with many Android phone. Let’s begin to root android from phone directly.

Apps to Root Android Phone Without Computer

  • KingoApps or KingoRoot

This app is one of best apps for rooting android. But you must check first before you want to root Android phone. You can check your phone what’s your Android phone compatible with the app. You can check in official website this app. For tutorial of Android rooting using this app please come to this article : How to Root Android Without PC by KingoApps

  • KingRoot

A lot of Android users use this app for rooting their Android phone. Because besides this app can root your Android phone. This app also can unroot your Android phone. But you also check the app what compatible with your phone. For tutorial of Android phone rooting using this Apps you can read this article : Root Any Android Device Using KingRoot

  • FramaRoot

This app is also good for rooting. But you must check also what’s your Android phone compatible with your this app. For tutorial of Android phone rooting using this Apps you can read this article : How to Root Android Without PC by FramaRoot

  • iRoot

If  you want to try other app, this app is great for rooting your android. You can come to this page to download and steps of installing. Just go to this How to Root Android using iRoot.

  • TowelRoot

This app is not so popular like before app but this app is also easy to download your android phone. Just one click you can click your phone. Go to this page How to Root Any Android by TowelRoot.

Now you can root android from phone directly. Thanks for visit my blog and read this article how to root android phone without computer. Follow or like my fans page facebook or my Google+ and please share this article. Thanks. .


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