How to change IP Address on Android And iOS With Apps

How to change IP Address on Android

Now, I want to share article about how to change IP Address on Android Phone. This article is good for you who’s happy to browse internet in Android because you can browse website that the website is blocked by your government. sometimes you find website blocked by your government because maybe this website not for children. You have to use android app for change IP Address your android and after install this app you can open all website that’s blocked. OK, just follow the steps bellow :

How to change IP Address on Android :

  • Download the app first and then install. The name of app is Hotspot Shield VPN you can download the app in play store DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Then you will come to page HOME after that please click Protect My Connections!
  • After that, The screen show Attention page that Hotspot Shield VPN ask permission from you to access your mobile data. Just click I trust this app and then click OK.
  • After that Hotspot Shield VPN will set configuration of your connection internet and will change IP Address on your phone. Then if already finish the screen will show like this :
  • Now you can try to access the site. And now you can access all of website that are blocked by security from your Government or other.

You can access website what you want, now. But I suggest to you that access website with responsibility cos as you know that there are negative effect and positive effect in internet so avoid the negative side of internet usage.