Print Test Page Color – Let’s Print a Test Page Easily


Most of people don’t even know how to print a test page especially to check the colors inside. Moreover, we need to also know the condition of its device, whether good or not. We don’t even know is it could print all colors without decreasing the quality which creates a broken printed color in the paper sheet. Let’s learn more about print test page color.

I totally know the feel when we have already printed the text or the picture which load another color another black, it feels terribly annoying isn’t it? So that, a big company or a big place those who take a printer as their main or important device, they have to check it all out, even though the color combination, the quality of the text which printed, and so many else. You don’t need to get worried, because to do the printer test Page was not so hard.

But sometimes, people who do that (print a test page) is people who just bought when it new, it’s a quit when they had already use it for a long term they thought that it will lose a lot of ink, it will break the device and so on. So it would be better if you check it all the time.

How to Print Test Page Color Easily and Immediately

Well, actually there are 2 ways mostly people use to test their printer device to know the right condition of its device, the first one by pressing the button which available on the unit and the second one using the Nozzle Check which available on the properties option inside the setting on all kind of printer. This very first way that you can do by go to the printer setting that has been connected with your device and here are the steps:

1. Print Test Page by using Printer Properties system in its device

– The printer in the ON condition that has been connected to the Personal Computer (PC) or laptop device

– Go to your printer option on a “Devices and printers” , or you can search it on a start button.

– The pinter window device will directly be opened along with the other. Click right for the printer and choose properties and then choose Print Test Page.

– Then choose the print test page, if you don’t even see it, it means that the button is provided in the maintenance window, search it by yourself.

print test page

2. Print Test Page manually by pressing the button on the unit

Basically, all printers have addition button which provides on several upsides and completed with the screwdriver and the pliers icon, or even the other, this way is not always the same with all kinds of the printer device. Just take it as the example by doing test the canon IP2770 printer.

1. Put on the printer device.

2. Put the paper on the tray for 1 or 2 papers.

3. Press the resume button till making the power light blinking twice.

4. Hold off the resume button.

5. Then the process of test printer will be running, then let it run

So guys, the benefits of doing this test will make you know whether the printed ink quality good or not.

As the suggestion for those who are rarely using your printer, you may do those ways above at least one time in a week in order that the ink of the printer will always comes out, because worry about it will bend the ink and the gag the head. So good luck and have a nice trying!