How to Reset Password Windows 10 -Solve One of the Common Problems

Windows 10 provides two accounts to use by the users. They are a local account that exists on the device and Microsoft account exists globally. How if you forget Windows 10 password local account? If it happens, the first thing you should consider is how to reset password Windows 10. Without doing it, you won’t be able to sign in to your account anymore. Thus, let’s see the explanation below to solve your problem while you don’t remember your password.

8 Right Steps You Need to Do to Reset Password Windows 10

When you want to reset password Windows 10 successfully, there are eight steps you need to do. Here the easy steps you can do.

1. Open the Settings Application

First, you can start the process of resetting by opening the Settings application. You can do it with Windows 10 password reset tool. For this matter, to use Windows-I is what you need to do.

2. Go to Accounts

When the “Settings” has been opened, now, you can go to the Accounts setting.

3. Find Sign-in Options

On the Settings, there are some options to choose from. You should choose the “Sign-in” to go to the next step correctly.

4. Choose the “Password”

On the page you open on step 3, you can select and click the “Password” section. By doing it, there will appear some choices in the next section.

5. Choose the “update your security questions”

From some choices, you have to choose it if you want to reset your password.

6. Type the Account Password

After you do step 5, there will appear the prompt. When it opens, you can just type your account password.

7. Give additional 3 security questions and also answer to the local account

Then, after you make a password for your account, it is necessary to add three security questions. Besides, you need to answer the local account appears on the next page. In this matter, it is better for you to not answer the three questions truthfully.

8. Click “Finish”

The last, you can select “Finish” to complete the process of doing Windows password reset successfully.

When the process is out of the way, the option of resetting the password will appear on the sign-in screen. When it happens, you can just answer three questions you have made to reset your account passwords. Besides, you need to know that Microsoft states that there is no other way to do to reset the password. In this case, you, as the user, should reset your PC and also delete the whole data on it. You should do it to restore the data if they do not have any access to other accounts.

Moreover, there is another option you can follow to make Windows 10 password reset USB as outlined by a certain Professor. You can try this option if you do not like to change the password with the first tips explained above. Well, in this option, you can boot your windows into the recovery environment. In this condition, the users should replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe. After that, you can continue this process by clicking the “ease of access” button. This action will spawn a command prompt window that can be used to change your password. Remember, this action can only work in Windows 10 version 1809 before the latest feature update.

Another Way to Reset Password on the Windows after the Latest Feature Update

After the latest feature update comes to the windows, you need to do extra steps to make Windows 10 password change. So, please follow these ways.

1. Go to the recovery and troubleshooting environment

To load this first step, you can click on the “Repair your computer” option. This choice is available during Windows Setup when you boot from the certain Windows installation media. So, make sure you click it during this process.

2. Click on the “Troubleshoot” then followed by choosing “Command Prompt”
3. Change the drive letter

In this step, you have to switch to the drive letter in which your Windows is installed on. Here, you will find it in the 32 directory system.

4. Type or input “rename utilman.exe utilman.bak
5. Next, type or input the “copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
6. Restart and boot your computer

After typing certain letters on step 4 and step 5, you can restart your computer. Also, you have to boot from the Window installation.

7. Click on the “Ease of access” button

You can do this seventh step to open a command prompt window. However, you should remember that this action can be done if you run Windows 10 with the 1803 version. If you run Windows 10 version 1809 or later, you cannot do it. So, make sure you set your Windows on the 1803 version to successfully do this step.

8. Click on the “Ease of Access” button

To make Windows 10 password remove or change, you need to do this eighth step. You can do this activity on the next start on the login screen. This action also will open the command prompt window.

9. Type net user

After the command prompt window is opened, you need to do this step to display all user account names.

10. Change the password

The last step you should do is to change the password with the new one. To make it happen, you can use the command net user shown in (username) (password). Just fill in the blank to make a new password for your Windows.

To reset password Windows 10 looks not so easy. Therefore, you need to do it carefully and follow every step well.