How to Install WordPress in cPanel Softaculous Easily

Before we begin to install WordPress in cPanel, we need to buy the Hosting and the Domain. For your information, cPanel itself is a famous hosting control panel web in this whole world. By using cPanel it will ease the owner of hosting account to set up all facilities on their hosting web. Through cPanel you can manage all hosting facilities, such as:

  • Upload the website
  • Manage the e-mail
  • Create and upload the database
  • Watch the Website Statistics, and so on.

How to Install WordPress in cPanel Softaculous

So here are the ways how to Install WordPress in cPanel after you have been bought the hosting and the domain.

  1. Log in to cPanel Account

First, log in to the cPanel account. Type down like this after that it will find the login page, then please enter the username and password of the cPanel that has been available on your e-mail when you bought the hosting and domain.

After you have been succeeded to log in, you will find the dashboard cPanel page, which each of them has different function and feature. On a dashboard or on that page, please scroll down your mouse, then choose the “Softaculous Apps Installer”

2. Install Worpress

Then go to the Softaculous page, then please choose WordPress icon, after that click Install to begin install wordpress in cPanel. There will appear on your display like this:

a. Choose Protocol

Protocol that will you use, it provides http://, http://www,. https://, and the https:/www. For the general choices that usually use please choose default http://

b. Choose Domain

Choose the domain that you want to use to install the WordPress, if you have more than one domain in a hosting, then there will appear another options domain.

c. In Directory

If you want to install the WordPress in another directory, please fill based on what you will. For example, fill the directory with the “blog” on the name, then the WordPress will install and access on And if you want to install without any directory or to the main domain only, please let the option is empty.

d. Site Name

The name of your sites

e. Site Description

Describe your sites

f. Enable Multisite (WPMU)

An option to activate the multisite on your WordPress, this option is seldom to be activated, so don’t checklist it.

g. Admin Username

The username to log in on the Dashboard WordPress

h. Admin Password

The password to login to the Dashboard WordPress

i. Admin Email

Your email that you will use for WordPress installation needs, and usually use to reset the password if you forget about it.

j. Select Language

Choose the language that you will use in WordPress

k. Limit Log in Attempts

Plugin that you want to install automatically on WordPress which function to limit the amount of login effort if you wrong on enter the username or password

l. Select Themes

If you want to install the WordPress along with the theme, please choose the theme that you want, if you don’t want to, just ignore it.

Email installation details to enter your email if you want to get a detain information about the WordPress. If it all has done, please click “Install” . Wait for about 3 minutes until the process of install wordpress in cPanel finish, and there will be an announcement like this

If the installation has been succeeded, look at your sites and go to the WordPress Dashboard on the seems like the notification picture above, after that log in by using the username and the password that you just made.

Those are my article about How to install wordpress in cPanel softaculous easily. Thanks for visiting my blog, good luck and have a nice trying!