Nokia C2 Review – Get Closer to the Modern Phone

Nokia C2 Review

Do you want to have a phone with an HD view of the screen? If so, you can get a Nokia C2. Before you find the phone, you need to know the Nokia C2 Review. You can see how good the specs of this phone are. Then, if you want to know the important details of its specs, you can see them on the explanation below. Let’s check them out.

8 Great Specs of the Nokia C2 Review

This smartphone has great specs that you may never know before. Are you curious about them? Just have a good look at the specs as listed below.

1. Screen Size

First, some people usually want to know the screen size of the phone. It can happen since people have their desire for the screen size. For the Nokia C2, it has 5.7 inches HD. This size is sufficient for you who need an ideal screen of the phone.

2. Camera

For the camera, it has a good enough spec. It is completed with a 5MP single camera. Besides, the camera also has an LED flash that you can use to catch the picture in the dark.

3. RAM

From the Nokia C2 Review, you can know the RAM of it. As RAM is important to support the phone’s performance, you should consider it before buying the phone. Fortunately, Nokia C2 comes with sufficient RAM to run some apps. Yes, it comes with 1 GB RAM for you.

4. Storage

On the Nokia C2 Review, you need to know its storage. When a phone comes with big storage, it will be beneficial for you since you can save many files in there. As a modern phone, Nokia C2 comes with 16 GB storage. Besides this internal storage, you can still add a MicroSD card when it is necessary. You can add external storage up to 64 GB. So, this phone serves you well to save more items.

5. Battery

A battery has a crucial role on the phone. When it can stand longer, it will be more preferable for the users. For this phone, it has 2800mAh that can stand so long while being used. Some people know that Nokia always presents a phone with good battery life. So, this phone is suitable for you who like to use a phone for a long time.

6. Design

Many Nokia lovers may be curious about the design of this phone. If you are one of them, you can see this detail. This color of this phone is available in Cyan and black. So, you can choose your favorite color. Then, its size is 154.8 x 75.59 x 8.85 mm. While for the weight, this phone has 161 g.

7. Performance

This phone has the great performance as a modern device. It can happen since it is completed with Android 9 Pie as the operating system. For the processor, it also has good quality as it comes with Quad-core 1.4 GHz processor for its CPU.

8. Connectivity

In this Nokia C2 Review, let’s see the connectivity of it. For the cable type, this phone comes with Micro USB (USB 2.0). This phone also provides Dual SIM and Single SIM models for the SIM cards. The SIM card type you can use on this phone is the Nano-SIM. This is the most modern type of SIM card type you can enjoy.

What Will You Get in the Nokia C2 Box?

In this Nokia C2 Review, you need to know an important matter. When you buy this phone, you will get some things as follows. Here they are.

1. Nokia C2 device

First, of course, you will get the device. It is an elegant phone with great specs.

2. Quick start guide

Besides the device, you will also get a guide so that you can learn something about it and how to operate it.

3. Safety booklet

There is also a safety booklet that will come for you when you buy this phone.

4. Charger

Fourth, you will get an original charger of this phone. You can use it to recharge your phone when the battery power runs out.

5. Micro USB cable

This phone also provides Micro USB cable for you. You can make use of it when you need to connect your Nokia C2 to other devices.

Well, that is all about Nokia C2 Review to share with you. Hopefully, it can make you get closer to this phone.