4+ New Features on iOS 12.3 for iPhone – Enjoy your iPhone Better

New Features on iOS 12.3 for iPhone

Feel sad because you miss an update about iOS 12.3? You just left behind for two months since May 2019. It does not outdated yet to experience the new features on iOS 12.3 for iPhone. All this time, a lot of sources appear with different information on the features. However, believe this platform where it comes for the most complete guide for you. So, you really assure to update new iOS. The new features on iOS 12.3 for iPhone X, 7, 6, and others are ready to surprise you. So, arise and gather much information now!

4 Awesome New Features on iOS 12.3 for iPhone in All Series

Absolutely, Apple recently released iOS 12.2 but suddenly the manufacturer launched this last series. However, little receive news if the prior version has a lot of problems. Alongside that, iOS 12.3 in iPhone releases with 4 cool features that you can see below:

1. New Apple TV App

Well, it is one of the new features on iOS 12.3 that takes special attention for most customers. Unluckily, this feature does not cover all countries in the world. Truthfully, the new Apple TV is almost similar to iTunes Movie. Even though the look is cleaner and it has a convenience touchscreen. Besides that, the app still has 7 sections inside:

  • Kids Section: Indeed all TV app and streaming always insert kid’s channel. Although the content is not many, Apple keeps providing it for children.
  • Apple TV Channel: It is the better TV channel to watch with more streaming services inside. You can subscribe to some channels such as Showtime, HBO, and so on.
  • Sport Section: It provides some sports, commentary, and sport-related shows.
  • For You: The section exists on Watch Now tab where it fills with suggestions or motivation for you.
  • Widget: It exists to give you a shortcut to continue watching content on the TV app.
  • Apple Family Sharing Support: The function is to share your favorite TV channel with your family members.
  • Offline Video Support: Here, you can download and manage any TV channels.

2. Apple Music

iOS 12.3 update its Apple music to presents dynamic suggestions for the listeners in For You Section. You can update the genre, mood, artist, time of day, and type periodically.

3. Magazine in News+

Follow the magazine in News+ will give you updates on new issues as well.

4. AirlPlay 2 as A Smart TV Support

Television as smart TV support allows sharing photos, videos, and music from the iPhone.

Bug Fixes as the most waiting for Feature here

The last is 12.3 feature is the bug fixing where most people wait for its presence so much. Apparently, it does not only display one or two solutions but 4 such as below:

1. Apple TV Remote

The remote tool in Apple TV is easy to damage and cannot operate properly. Luckily, this iOS is able to fix and make the remote works again.

2. Apple Carplay

Use this system so that you can show a lot of songs title on screen.

3. Wi-Fi Calling

The third feature assures you can update your Wi-Fi without randomly drop a call.

4. 20+ Security Fixes

Okay, it is good news for you because Apple shows more than 20 security fixes.

In conclusion, iOS 12.3 is far better from the previous version. Formerly, iOS comes in public with some trouble without a solution. Fortunately, Apple realizes its mistake soon and wants to update iOS again. Now, enjoy those new features on iOS 12.3 for iPhone without thinking any problem. The most important thing is it comes with numerous solution. So, the common problem will fix easily without taking time. Let’s update, use, and be happy! You are not late yet because 12.3 is the last version.