7 Best Landing Spots in Fortnite – Battle Royale Update

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite

Are you going to play Fortnite Battle Royale game? Then, go ahead. This game is a kind of interesting one to play. You, however, must learn some tips and guides about it first. As a newbie, if you play the game without knowing what to do, surely, you will lose. In Fortnite, you will meet some monsters that will attack you. Therefore, you must land on a spot where monsters are rare. Today, in this chance, we are going to discuss best landing spots in Fortnite as for important information to guide you. There are many landing spots exist. Yet, not all spots are saved. Well, what are the best landing spots in Fortnite arena for a beginner? Let’s check it out below!

List of Best Landing Spots in Fortnite 2019

For you, to not lose the game, you must land in the right spot to avoid meeting several big monsters. Here is information about best landing spots in Fortnite for you to read!

1. Landing 101

Most of the players, especially the newbies, must want to land fast so that they can find a weapon to use. If it happens, you’d better land on this first choice. Landing 101 is the best secret landing spots Fortnite for both beginners and professional gamers. Before landing on, you need to control your parachute. Make sure to avoid some mountains and trees on the way of landing to the spot. Also, don’t be too slow to land or your opponent will land on first. For your safety, you may drop down your body above a lake or river exists.

2. The Watchtower North of the Wailing Woods

The watchtower north is one of top 5 landing spots in Fortnite. If you are playing the game alone, not as a team, you must find several varied weapons. This second landing spot is kind of isolated place located in the top right corner of the map. There, you may be able to find not only weapon but also multiple loots. Also, when you head west from the watchtower, you could pick up more gear. Find crates available in an ice cream truck parked up on a hill.

3. The Pool Near the Tilted Towers

If you think the pool include monsters, you are wrong. This landing spot which has been categorized as the best landing spots in Fortnite season 6 stores plenty of weapons. To find this spot, you need to go head towards the Tilted Towers which is located in the center-left of the island. Then, take some steps further left. Soon, you will see the pool which has complete gears, chests, and weapons. Take all the weapons which you think they are useful. After that, go back to the Tilted Towers to fight other players.

4. The Moisty Mire

Different from the pool, the Moisty Mire is kind of dangerous. However, you may still take advantage of this best landing spots in Fortnite season 9. You may hide in this place. Of course, your enemies who are on part of the island, will not be able to catch you. That is because this Moisty Mire will slow down any player who tries to pass through it to catch you. For as a weapon, you may look for creates or gears around. Head to the bottom left corner of the Moisty to find five crates and several gears located near stacked cars’ tower.

5. Pirate Ship

If you are talking about the best landing spots in Fortnite battle royale, the pirate ship must be the answer. However, it is not a good spot for a newbie. It matches well for professional players. This spot is popular. That is why you will find many players here. They come for loots and weapons. There’s also several chests and resources from this area to take. Once you’re done here, you can either head east to the town to attack other players. If you want, you could go to the beach to the west to find three charming chest spawns.

6. Snobby Shores

This landing spot may be the catchy spot where multiple houses exist anywhere. You may get the weapons, loots, or gears hidden in the house. You could also take advantage of the house to hide or attack the opponent from the roof. However, if you think you cannot win the opponent, you may run away. There will be a bus always flies over the island from the east to the western. Get in the bus if you are not ready to face the competition.

7. The Motel to the West of Anarchy Acres

If you play the game in a team, you’d better go to this spot. The motel to the west is a great spot that stores enough loot and weapon for an entire team.

Actually, there are still several unmentioned best landing spots in Fortnite exist. Well, we may discuss it on other occasions. Finally, when you want to land on the definite spot, let you consider your teammates first.