Johnson Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Knowing 4 Johnson’s Roles

Johnson Hero Guide

Mobile legend is a famous game played by all people including teenagers and adults ever since 2018. This game may release your stress and mood swing. To play this game, it is a must for you to select the hero. There are several heroes available to play such as Johnson. If you would like to play him, you must read Johnson hero guide in mobile legends here. There will be several useful Johnson hero guide in mobile legends tips for you also. Anyway, why must select Johnson? This is because he is strong and kind of a hard tank to kill. Moreover, he is the best defensive character.

Johnson Hero Guide in Mobile Legends Introduction

The Johnson hero guide in mobile legends here will include the item build, abilities review, battle spells and game in tips, and emblems. Let’s check it below!

1. The abilities’ review

Johnson hero guide in mobile legends for a beginner is really useful for knowing this hero’s ability. Same as the other hero characters, Johnson has four abilities to both offense and defense from the enemy. They are electro-airbang, iron sack, missile tackle, and a rapid touchdown. Having such an electro-airbang may make Johnson generates once his HP is lower than 30%. While generating, you could use him to enter the enemy’s territory. With the iron sack, you may upgrade the pillars. It may attack and harm the enemy for 200 pts and lower the attacker’s movement for 70% for one second.

Missle tackle is Johnson’s active weapon. You may use it to harass and chase down another hero. It gives 250 pts damage and lowers the opponent’s movement for 70% for two seconds. The last weapon, the rapid touchdown could be active and passive. When you use it as for passive weapon, it may increase 10% of armor. Thus, for the active one, it could turn Johnson into a car.

2. Item Builds

There are two items included. They are core items and situational items. The demon’s advent, warrior boots, blade armor, and the iron sack are the core items. Use the demon’s advent for increasing power till 920. For adding 22 armors and giving 40 movement speeds, use your warrior boots.

If you want to increase 90 armors, use your blade armor. For situational items, it includes a cursed helmet, Athena’s shield, immortality, courage bulwark, heart steel, and bloodthirsty king. The curse helmet gives you 920 HP while Athena’s shield adds you 900 HP. For 800 HP, use your immortality. If you want more HP, use your blade armor to get 1550.

3. Emblems

Johnson hero guide in mobile legends emblem is available in three different emblems to come in a set. It includes tank, physical, and jungle. If you are kind of seasoned player, you’d better use the tank emblem system set. For a beginner or newbie, it is best to choose the physical emblem.

4. The battle spells

Johnson hero guide in mobile legends item build also includes battle spells are for battling. There are Aegis, iron wall, healing spell, and flicker. The first spell, the aegis, is to withstand for three attacks. With the iron wall, you may reduce the attack and damage HP to 25%. If you want to have more allies around you, use the healing spell. The last spell, the flicker is used to teleport for one second.

Game Tips

Johnson Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

There are some helpful suggestions for Johnson hero guide in Mobile legends for you in this following detail!

1. In the early game, you’d better spam the missile tackle as much as possible. This aims for attacking your enemy.

2. For your best, do not go without your allies. If you are a newbie, you will lose the game fast.

3. Stay close to your teammates so that you could deal with the attack and damage from other heroes. At least, you could lower it.

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