How to Reset MacBook Pro, Backup, and Restore Safely

How to Reset MacBook Pro

There is a little bit weakness on MacBook Pro relating to the work performed. Many users state that the laptop product from Apple is getting slowing down as time goes by. Unfortunately, the issue is right and finding how to reset MacBook Pro will be the next duty immediately. Nevertheless, you do not need to think deeply because it is not a serious problem. Moreover, there is much information spreading on the internet to overcome the problem. Get more complete information on your MacBook Pro reset here more than just the factory reset.

How to reset MacBook Pro to Factory Reset, Battery, and NVRAM

Do not skip this free worthy lesson to reset MacBook Pro! Today, the information is so complete with discussing three kinds of reset method. Firstly, there are 10 steps to reset Apple’s product using the factory reset:

1. Turn off the MacBook Pro

2. Turn on in the Recovery Mode where you can conduct it in three ways. You can press Command + R when the laptop boot. Other choices are by pressing Option + Command + R or Shift + Option + Command + R.

3. Click “Disk Utility”

4. Choose the icon See and click the option “Show All Devices”.

5. You might see the drive with the name “Macintosh HD” so choose it.

6. Click Delete!

7. Turn back to the prior window with exiting from the Disk Utility.

8. Select by clicking “Reinstall macOS!

9. Follow the instructions on the screen while giving enough time to install where it may spend hours.

10. Afterward, the laptop with restart when the installation of OS finishes.

Would you like to sell your lovely Mac laptop? You must want to make the device look new again. Okay, it is easy because you can do it with pressing Command + Q. This way of MacBook Pro factory reset to give a very effective result.

How to Reset the MacBook Pro battery

Next, you should know how to reset the MacBook Pro battery. Here are 9 steps that you will pass:

  • Perceive SMC

In the beginning, you should understand the System Management Controller or SMC. It is a small chip controlling the external sets, power management, and the response toward the button. This small element also increases the battery power, solve the overheating, and accelerate the work performance of MacBook Pro.

  • Check to identify SMC’s trouble

Next, check the condition of SMC to know the condition of the cooling fan and the indicator lamps. Know the respond of the laptop when you press the buttons. Identify the sudden death of the laptop, enter to the Sleep Mode, and not full battery charge.

  • Open Apple’s menu
  • Click Shut Down
  • Connect your MacBook Pro to the battery charger
  • Look for SMC reset
  • Press and hold for 10 seconds the buttons
  • Continue pressing the power button
  • Check one again to know whether the problem on the battery success to repair.

How to Reset a Mac on NVRAM

Next, it shares how to reset a Mac on NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random- Access Memory). The function of reset NVRAM is to improve some error on some aspects like the battery display. To conduct the reset, this page provides 9 steps such as below:

1. Perceive the function of reset NVRAM

This way will fix some problems such as unable to play the sound or display. It also fixes the problem of the long-time start- up and the screen blinks.

2. Open the Apple menu

3. Click Shut Down arrow to see some options

4. Turn off with pressing the right if your laptop asks it.

5. Find reset NVRAM button consisting of Command + P + R. Press and hold them together for 15 seconds.

6. Afterward, turn on MacBook Pro for the second time.

7. Do the step of number 4 but you will do it until the start-up finish.

8. Check whether there is damage to NVRAM or not. If you find some trouble on its system, you need to return to the factory reset MacBook Pro. However, this way will make you lost all the data. Think again?

Back up your Data before undergoing the Step by Step Guide to Reset Mac to Factory Setting

Would you like to lose many vital documents, videos, images, movies, or songs? You surely do not want to get this big disaster although you must do the second method. Do not worry because there is one way to save it. Backup all of the data that you have first. Then, you can go on how to reset your MacBook or MacBook Pro as soon as possible. Here, you have 6 steps to backup data such as below:

  • You have a Time Machine in your PC, open it!
  • Then, connect your MacBook Pro with hard disk as the place to save data. Besides using this simple way, you can use iCloud to backup data. Nevertheless, it is unable to store application and OS. On the other hands, you keep downloading the application and system.
  • Use time when the computer manages the Time Machine. The time is suitable to make an automatic backup. You can choose the “Backup Now” existing on the machine to back up your Mac.
  • Next, you should give enough time to finish the backup process.
  • Remove your hard drive internal after finish the backup.
  • Lastly, assure that all accounts including iTunes do not get authority from the MacBook Pro

5 Steps to restore (Return Data)

Well, you have learned many things including how to reset your Mac before selling it. Seemly, it sounds not fair when you only know the steps to backup data. You should get the method to restore data and this page has prepared 5 steps below:

  • Reconnect again your MacBook Pro with your external storage device.
  • Click Recovery as the step to return your data to the Mac again. In default, you will find it in Menu but you must choose the most right option.
  • Use the button of Cmd + Shift to mass recovery. Just choose the file on the hard drive that you want to move.
  • Next, you will get an option to return to the original or new folder.
  • Start to the recovery process by clicking “Restore All” or “Restore Selected”.

One Step Closer to MacBook Pro

Some people start thinking negative to MacBook Pro, lately. It occurs after they find some sources informing on how to reset the MacBook Pro-complete guide. Once again, do not worry because that is not a serious problem. In spite of this, the guides above help you to keep operating the laptop properly. Even, you will feel that your PC is new after doing the reset. If you become hesitate, you need to come closer.

MacBook Pro has a lot of features than the weakness (only 1 weakness). The laptop that released in May 2019, has 13 and 15 inches. Apple also makes it with the True Tone and Touch Bar displays. Then, the SSD on the laptop in 15 inches reaches 4 TB and 2 TB on 13 inches. MacBook Pro also adds “Coffee Like Refresh” chip on the system is the 8 and 9 generation. The 15” has 8 cores and MacBook Pro 13” reaches 4 cores. It still applies T2 chip as the form of security increase where it gets the support of “Hi Siri”.

The most important thing is the device is high durability for a long utility and stores many files. Perhaps, you just know that many ways emerging as to how to reset MacBook Pro. You must save all information because they are useful so much. Do you know another information outside of the explanation above? Please, tell it with writing on the comment column. This page is ready to lift it as a new theme again. Thank you!