Windows 10 media creation tool – Get Your PC More Interesting

Windows 10 media creation tool

What do you think about Windows 10 media creation tool? Well, it is used by many people to install or reinstall Windows 10. You can do it from a USB Flash Drive or a DVD. Related to the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, there are many methods that you can use to upgrade your PC device to Windows 10. In this following information, you will know the steps to upgrade with Media Creation Tool full version.

Twelve Steps to Install Windows 10 media creation tool

When do you look for the steps to install Windows 10 media creation tool, don’t worry! It will be available for you. So, don’t wait for a long time to check the steps one by one in detail!

1. Download Media Creation Tool

Firstly, you have to download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft official site. Here, you will find the download version that is 32 bit or 64 bit. The choice is based on your device. Then, to find the System type on the PC device, you are suggested to right-click on your computer and choose Properties.

2. Restart the device of your PC

After restart the device, the next step is you can run the Media Creation Tool. Then, you can choose to upgrade this PC now and to download Windows 10, you should click on Next. However, if you want to install windows 10 on another device, the step is choosing of create installation media for another PC.

3. Download Windows 10

Then, it’s time for getting the Windows 10 media creation tool download. Even though the process of downloading is automatically, but, it still needs time. So, please wait for it nicely and you will feel free to use your computer. You can know when you watch a movie.

4. Make Windows 10 media

After doing the third step, you will see the notification that it will verify your download. Thus, you are allowed to make Windows 10 media. Please remember that it will need several minutes to finish it.

5. Check for updates

When the process of creating Windows 10 media is preparing, what should you do? Yea, if you have not updated your device, you are suggested to check for Windows 10 update first.

6. Click Accept button

Clicking on the button of Accept is the sixth step of Windows 10 media creation tool that you have to do. You are allowed to click this button when you see the screen that shows license terms. It is done to agree with the license terms.

7. Click install button

The next step that you should do is clicking on the button of install. You can do it if you have convinced that you are ready to install it. In this case, please remember that you cannot use the device of your PC when you install Windows 10. Thus, before clicking on the install button to start the process, it is very suggested for you to save and close your files first.

8. The device will restart

While the computer is installing Windows 10, your device will restart several times. You need to know that it will take for a while. Thus, just wait for it patiently until it has finished.

9. Click Next

Then, related to the Windows 10 media creation tool, you need to write the password. You are allowed to do it if you have set a password. So, you can click on the option of Next to continue.

10. Click Use Express settings

After finishing the previous step, what you have to do? Yea, you can click on the option of Use Express settings. Or, you can also click the Customize settings to set it.

11. Click Next

The eleventh step of Windows 10 media creation tool is clicking on Next. Before tapping this button, you will find the new application for Windows 10 below the picture. When you click on Next, it means that you will set up your applications. On the other hand, if you do not want these applications are available on your computer, what can you? Well, you are allowed to click on the link to let me choose my default apps. Exactly, it is used to choose the applications that you want and need.

12. Get into Windows 10

After waiting for a while, you can get into the screen of Windows 10 successfully.

Well, those are the information about the steps to install Windows 10 media creation tool all versions. When you want to do it, just follow those steps above well!