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KingoRoot is an app that uses for a rooting or unrooting the all kind of Android with the easy and safety way, and it also can use for removing the useless Bloatware program. Before download kingoroot, let’s check function of kingoroot.

The Function of KingoRoot:

  • Make the smartphone being the Root with a Super User right.
  • Clean the Bloatware program after installing.
  • Installing the applications that needing a Root right.
  • The first function is turning back the smartphone perform without burdening the program. Even the changing haven’t appeared yet.

Download KingoApps

After install if you are confused to install kingoroot or confused to root your Android phone, please go to this article to know all of them How to root Android phone without PC by KingoAps/Kingoroot.

If the KingoRoot App succeeded, there will appear the 2 new icon program :

1. KingoRoot for USB program, this app is for connecting the smartphone through USB.

2. SuperSU is a Super User app that giving smartphone permission.

If you want to download the app just follow link below, and if you can not find the link or the link broken please go to the official website. Download KingoRoot here :



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