How To Download and Install Pokemon Go in iOS Smartphone

How To Download and Install Pokemon Go in iOS

Playing a game on a smartphone is fun, right? By playing games on a mobile device, you can spend leisure time more meaningful if you are bored and tired. You also will not spend any money, so the pleasure comes and your pocket will not be drained, hehe. Roughly, what is the best game that popular today? Of course, as we all know, Pokemon Go is crowded once spoken by all gamer on this earth. Previously, we already provide recommendations Android smartphone which is suitable to play Pokemon Go and how to play Pokemon Go on Android. Now is the time, we will give you how to install and how to download and install Pokemon Go in iOS.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go in iOS (100% Work)

Pokemon Go is a legendary game that can bring you to the nostalgic childhood fun at the time. Pokemon Go already released for Android and iOS smartphones. Unfortunately, it was just a new release in Australia, the United States, Japan, and New Zealand. Then, how is the fate of the lovers of Pokemon in Asia? Be patient, we provide easy and accurate method to install and how to download Pokemon Go on iOS.

1. Create Apple ID Fake

To install and to know how to download Pokemon Go on iOS, you must have an Apple ID that comes from a country that has been released Pokemon Go, among others, Australia, the United States, or the United States, and New Zealand. Yeah, it is absolutely necessary that you should do. Therefore, let’s follow the steps below.

  • You must issue first your Apple ID account you have created before. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > click Apple ID > appears pop-up select Sign Out.
  • Next, you make a new Apple ID. It’s easier to use a web browser, you can access to Apple’s official website here.
  • Verify the email that you use on Apple ID. If you forge the identity, use this.
  • Download Pokemon Go, and register an account, and login using the email address that you have.
  • How? Do you understand at every stage we give? it’s easy, right? Not easy? please quiet guys, we have the easiest and most accurate way to install and provide a way of downloading Pokemon Go on iOS. This method does not need to change the Apple ID, if you think the way above troublesome. Therefore, look carefully, OK.

2. Download and Install Pokemon Go in iOS

In fact there are other ways that you can do easily to install and download Pokemon Go on iOS-based devices. You will surprise after knowing the ways, because it’s accurate and really easy. We dare say like this, because We’ve tried it, and the result? It’s very potent!

  • Open the link iOShipstore mobi.
  • Type Pokemon Go in Search menu.
  • If you’ve met, download Pokemon Go via iOShipstore mobi.
  • If you’ve finished downloading, try clicking Pokemon Go on the home screen, there will
  • Definitely be writing untrusted Enterprise Developer in a pop-up. Do not panic, it is so process.
  • The next way is to go to Settings > General > Device Management
  • You will see there is option Yectech Technology, click on it and select Trust.
  • After that, open Pokemon Go App again, and happy playing!

That’s the easy and super way you can do to install Pokemon Go on iOS. Which way do you think the easiest? We still prefer the number two, because not too complicated. Share this information to friends, and your family so you can play together Pokemon Go, right.