Best File Transfer Apps for iPhone and iPad 2019 – 5 Options Easy to Use


The iPhone and iPad are two sophisticated products from Apple with more functions. They come more than as usual mobile phones but also for working (business). Due to this reason, people compete to get the best file transfer apps for iPhone and iPad. It is the third-party tool to make those devices as the file managers. So, you can download, edit, and share documents from PC or vice versa. Anyway, 5 files transfer app for iPhone and iPad come here to fulfill your performance in business. Pay attention to get the best!

Top 5 File Transfer Apps for iPhone and iPad

How do you can call it the best file sharing apps iPhone and iPad? Of course, there are some criteria to determine the apps are the best and effective to use. As the file manager, they must have three important functions such as to import, manage, and export. If the software or tool cannot conduct one or all of them, it means not the best. The function of the Import is to transfer the document from other devices to the iPhone or iPad. It includes transferring the file from iPhone to iPad and vice versa.

The function of “Manage” means it can give total control over or organize your data. You have to be able to create archive folders, color-code files, nested folders, and tag. Alongside that, you may use it to edit and view by utilizing the Export. By the way, 5 best file transfer Apps for iPhone and iPad below have fulfilled all three criteria:

1. File Manager & Browser to finish Many Similar Tasks

Best File Transfer Apps for iPhone

In the earlier, you get a simple offering from the File Manager & Browser which has a simple UI. Besides simple, it is also more visual so that the new users can use it easily. The features of UI are very useful for you who have many same tasks where they must finish soon. UI application does it easily by displaying all important options at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can import from PC to both Apple’s devices using WiFi transfer. Then, you may start to arrange, organize files, and share using this third-party app.

2. Document 6 is free to use

Not only the best but also free to use is what you will get while using Document 6. It makes your document easy to import from many sources. The example comes from a computer, cloud storage, WiFi transfer, web pages, and so on. On the contrary, the best iPhone to iPad transfer app above also manages files. It is such as archive features, drag, and drop, sharing, tags, and others.

The benefits of using Document 6 are it is appropriate for all file formats including audio, text, and video. It eases you to read books, share files, watch videos, listen to music, and showcase PDFs on the application. Document 6 helps to sync in the cloud confidently and everything you need is available. It will store and manage all your data locally on the device but the potential to remove important old images. Do not worry Dropbox sync keeps working in a remote area.

3. GoodReader File Transfer App

Best File Transfer Apps for iPhone

The third best file sharing apps iPhone and iPad of GoodReader is useful to import PDF file formats. It must be mandatory software to organize the files in folders. This tool eases to import your PDF documents from your PC, cloud services, or local servers. GoodReader eases you to makes annotate PDF, attach classic sticky notes, and mark it up. To markup the document, you may use an Apple Pencil or text boxes.

Indeed, GoodReader has a superb PDF rendering engine as one of the few apps to throw PDFs with hundreds of pages at it. Surely, you will enjoy your job in PDF file by making scrolling.

4. Dropbox to save online and offline

Best File Transfer Apps for iPhone

Next, Dropbox offers an online and offline storage system for all documents and files. The offline storage system is appropriate for the individual to save in a free plan. By the way, this best file transfer app for iPhone and iPad also releases a Dropbox Plus to save offline. When your internet connection is active you can access your entire Dropbox library.
Other advantages are you can open files, preview, and utilize the Share it menu in Dropbox. If you share a document using Share it here, you can do it directly on the application. Then, edit Excel, Word, and PowerPoint without jumping between apps.

5. Apple’s Files App replaces the old iCloud Drive App

The last, there is Apple’s Files Apps iOS 11 replacing the old application of iCloud Drive. As the best iPhone to iPad transfer app, it allows accessing multiple cloud sources inside the app. Many people have put it as the best choice for OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox. They claim it as the best as a central place to organize and manage. On the contrary, Apple’s Files App embraces every iOS convention to drag and drop. It is also useful to drag files to and from the Files app incredible natural interaction.

7 Steps to Transfer Files using the FilesApp from apple (Drag and Drop)

Pay attention, please! this article reveals an example taking from one of the best file transfer apps for iPhone and iPad. Here, the app that uses a drag and drop system will show it in 7 steps:

1. Firstly, you should open the files app but put the device (iPhone or iPad) on the flat surface. You can place it on the table, for instance, and let it free so that the transferring process is easier.

2. Next, you should tap the location of the file such as using On My iPad for this device. The function is to display the files storing on the device with app-labeled. Note, if the destination app you want to use does not list, go to the Browse pane and tap Edit. Afterward, you must turn on the toggle switches for the available apps also tap “Done”.

3. The best iPhone to iPad transfer app ask for tapping and holding the file. You have to do on the want to move where it pops out on the screen. Next, the app appears a translucent copy under your finger.

4. On the other hand,

it allows moving multiple items from the same folders by tapping the files. By the way, you can see the number of files in the stack displays in the upper-right corner.

5. From the number four, this way need your finger skill to do it. To tap the destination of the stack of files, you need to use another finger. It is useful when your hand position is clumsy. You can do it to shift the group of files from taping, holding, controlling the stack of files, and release it.

6. As the best file transfer apps for iPhone and iPad, it asks for the users to drag the items to a new destination. It can be in the form of a menu or folder according to your desire. When reaching a valid location, a blue number in the upper-right corner change into green color.

7. At last, transfer the files to the selected folder by lifting your finger.

aWell, those are 5 kinds of the best file transfer apps for iPhone and iPad that are easy to use. You should practice the seven steps to transfer the file above immediately. Then, share your experience with the people around also in the comment. Thank you and good luck!