Apple Redesigned Maps App – New Features Required

Apple Redesigned Maps App

Do you remember that Apple has already announced planning to redesign its maps application? Now, it becomes reality. Apple redesigned Maps App now is available for all people in the US and still awaits other Apple users in different nations. Talking about this redesigned Apple Map, it might offer new features that may compete with Google Maps. Anyway, this new Apple Map looks better; it has more details about the buildings, roads, terrains, and landmarks. Of course, this will be helpful for the driver who is lost in the middle of the way to go to a certain location. So here we are going to talk about the Apple redesigned Maps App iOS. Well, let’s check it out for further information on the following details!

Maps App Review about All the Updates

Apple Redesigned Maps App

As it has been launched for the very first time in 2012, Apple Map is full of ‘bug’. As time passes, Apple tries to fix it and add some features with it. Even so, it is still available only in the US area. Well, what are the differences between the ‘old’ Apple Map and the new updated one? Let’s discuss this Apple redesigned Maps App more for the updated info below!

1. Look around and transit detail

The current updated Apple Map has a ‘Look Around and Real-Time Transit’ feature. This feature might show you stores or markets, flight status information, upcoming travel, etc. In Apple Map, there is also Si-Ri natural language guidance. You might use it for sending texts while you are driving just by speaking up. For your additional information, Apple redesigned Maps App also requires indoor maps for airports and also malls. Isn’t it great?

2. 3D view mode

Talking about the most interesting feature of the Apple Maps App is about Flyover. This feature allows you to have a 3D view of major metro areas; it supports more than 350 cities. Flyover might give you a real, clear look at the location you are going to go to. Anyway, Apple Map also offers the imaginary showing all places, markets, and buildings on the way to your places.

3. Collection and Favorite

Talking about features on Apple redesigned Maps App, there is also ‘Collection and Favorite’ feature. This feature may allow you to search for the location you often visit and save or add it to ‘Favorite’. Then, even without being online, you could get the way to your frequent location easily. You might also create other collections of your favorite ‘bar, market, café’, for instance, effortlessly by adding its address. You may share your favorite or location to your friend’s contacts by using the share button.

4. Privacy

Different from others even from Google Maps, Apple Maps App is likely more private. This app does not use your Apple ID nor ask you to sign in your account. Apple Map uses on-device intelligence so that you must be relieved of not finding it send data to your cloud account.

5. Fuzzing feature

Discussing the Apple redesigned Maps App, there is a ‘fuzzing’ feature where you could look for precise location in more or less than 24 hours. This action will not leave any history of what you have searched before. This may be practical since you do not have to go to ‘Setting’ to clear your history.

6. Daily Forest

‘Daily Forest’ is one of the features of the Apple Maps App. This feature may allow you to take a look at the whole map in a tiny look. It is a tricky part to show the current weather for the next few hours. Whether it is rainy or not, you could know it.

7. Virtual stroll

Apple redesigned Maps App requires a ‘Virtual Stroll’. This feature could be used once you are zooming around Apple Maps. You might see that some locations may have a blue “Look Inside” link. This ‘Look Inside’ is aimed for seeing what inside the location you tap is virtual. For instance, when you are looking at a department store, you will be able to see what’s inside including its layout. Besides, there is also the ‘Look Around’ feature that might be helpful for you if you are lost.

8. Share your ETA progress

This last feature of Apple Maps must be fun and useful. It is okay if this is the first time you travel outside to your friend’s home with a plane. You could use ETA progress to tell your friend about your trip’s progress. Therefore, he might know your arrival time so that you must not worry about waiting for him to pick you up late. You might share your ETA progress through your contact or social media application.

Well, that’s all about the updated features of Apple redesigned Maps App you must know. Please remember that this Apple Map is still available over 200 countries in the US only. Soon, you might use it in your country.