Android 10 Cool Features – Bring Benefits for Any Devices

Android 10 Cool Features

Nowadays many users of smartphones do not know about Android 10 hidden cool features. If you are one of them, it means that you are very poor. You certainly need up-to-date information about Android 10 cool features. All of them present interesting items while using the phone with this operating system. Do you want to know them in more detail? If so, you can see the explanation below. Let’ check it out.

Kinds of Android 10 Cool Features to Know

Now, it is time for you to know the cool features of Android 10. Just see the list below and find amazing features that you never know before. Here we go.

1. Adiantum Encryption

As an Android 10 user, you may just know this term, right? Well, it is a special encryption system that is designed for smartphone equipment. This feature can give more safety to the equipment with Android 10. Then, this feature is claimed to have the same security system with an Android device that has high specs. In this matter, you do not need to worry about the security of your data. All of them will be protected by this one of the Android 10 cool features.

2. Reading Text based on AI

Besides the security feature that Android 10 has, it also provides other amazing feature. One of the features you can enjoy from this operating system is to read text-based on artificial intelligence. It can also be called AI. This feature lets the user set the photo gallery of the device in an offline or online mode.

So, you can still set the photo gallery although you have no internet connection. Then, this kind of Android 10 cool features can make the Google lens scan any picture or text with the device’s camera. This scanned picture or text can be used to search for content on Google.
So, whenever you see something that you do not understand, you can just capture it and find it out on Google. It is a simple way to do to improve your knowledge of some unfamiliar phenomena with the Android 10 feature. It is so wonderful, isn’t it?

3. Dark Mode

Android 10 Cool Features

Do you know that your Android 10 has Dark Mode? Some of you may never use or even know about it. Thus, it is time for you to recognize it more. Well, this feature offers useful benefits for the user. That is why Dark Mode becomes one of the Android 10 cool features that are hunted by Android lovers. The question is, “what is the significant benefit of this feature?” The answer is simple. With a dark mode, the phone will have less brightness. This condition will save more battery power of the phone.

This mode is suitable to use at night or the room with less light. With a dark mode, your eyes will not be irritated by the bright screen of your device. It works well especially when you are in the less-light area. Visit here to know how to active dark mode on Istagram

4. Gesture

The next feature that you can get from Android 10 is Gesture navigation. Many people state that it is similar to the feature on the iPhone. This feature provides some superiorities and benefits that can be used by the users.

Well, with the Gesture feature, the user can deal with the interface system where there are only little buttons. It can happen since you only need to do navigation through certain movements. The coming of this feature can be good news for Android users.

They can operate the menu of their phone faster with this kind of Android 10 cool features. So, it can make the process of finding a certain app on the menu more efficient. Just let yourself experience operating a phone using gestures without pressing any buttons.

5. Smaller Size of the Given Apps

When you use Android 10, you will get some given apps that are not able to delete. However, you do not need to worry about it since this operating system provides a smaller size for those apps.

This condition is suitable for you who have a phone with limited RAM. The apps you get after installing this operating system will not take much space for the internal storage and also RAM. Do you want to know some apps that you will get after installing this OS? If you do, let yourself know all of them now.

They are Go, Gmail Go, Gallery Go, Files Go, and so on. Then, with the use of various apps with little size, your Android device can run faster compared to run other standard apps. So, you will get various benefits of the Android 10 cool features.

Considering the Android 10 cool features, you must be interested in this operating system, right? So, you can download and start using this OS for your lovely device. Have a nice try and enjoy every feature you find.