WhatsApp on Apple Watch – Complete information on Install, Update

WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Some people seem not habitual to use Apple Watch but it is cool to use. Although smartphones, iPhone, and tablets more increase, this sophisticated watch also follows it. However, some people wonder about WhatsApp on Apple Watch that does not include the official app. On the other hand, they want to test the greatness of this flexible and multifunctional device. Do not worry because this page has found the way to installs it and get the notification. Enjoy how to install WhatsApp on your Apple Watch!

How to Install WhatsApp on Apple Watch and Connect to your Friends Again

Apple Watch itself comes in various series like 2, 3, and 4. All series have no official app of WhatsApp so that you must install it alone. On the other hand, the presence of this application in a green color icon with a white phone is very important. More than 80% of people all over the world use and rely on WhatsApp as the main communication tool. They not only use it by chat but also call and video call. Besides that, people free to send emoticon, GIF, and stickers. Even, they also free to make a story using a photo, note, video, and so on.

That is why Apple Watch must present this application pretty does not lose its fans. Do not worry. How to install WhatsApp on Apple Watch without hassle with 3 methods are:

  • Install it from App Store

May this page call WhatsApp as WA? Let it, please! The first method uses the App Store to download and install. Soon, pass these 5 steps to undertake:

  1. Begin from pressing Digital Crown to see Home Screen and then tap “App Store”.
  2. There are some ways to find WhatsApp or other applications like using Dictation, Scribble, or Scroll Down. This way also guides to see and collect selected apps.
  3. Next, tap the app and see the descriptions, reviews, screenshots, ratings, release notes, and more.
  4. Afterward, tap the “Get” or the price.
  5. Lastly, download and install WA by double-tab the side button.

The app will automatically appear on the iPhone when downloading it for the first time on Apple Watch. If you want to manage download automatically, just open the app Settings existing on the iPhone. Then, tap “iTunes & App Store” and choose to enable or disable App in the Automatic Download section.

  • Presenting WhatsApp on Apple Watch via iPhone

Apple Watch and iPhone is the mutual couple. The iPhone often becomes the second screen of Apple Watch and the vice versa. At this time, this page has 5 steps again to show WA from iPhone for your catchy high-tech watch:

  1. Find the Watch app and tap the “App Store” from your iPhone.
  2. Type “Watch Chat 2” on the search box and download the best WhatsApp app on Apple Watch.
  3. Once finished, open it in your Apple Watch.
  4. Next, use your iPhone to head to WhatsApp and the go on Settings also WhatsApp Web.
  5. Do not do forget to Scan QR Code that emerges on your Apple Watch.
  • Displaying WhatsApp on Apple Watch via Chatify

The third is displaying WhatsApp on Watch using Chatify and it will need 6 steps to pass. Exactly, here are 6 steps to get the app for your Apple Watch:

  1. Firstly, use your iPhone to open “App Store” and download Chatify for WhatsApp.
  2. Secondly, you will launch the Chatify on the Apple Watch and scan using WhatsApp after getting a QR code.
  3. Utilize WhatsApp on your iPhone to tap Setting at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Determine to choose the WhatsApp Web/ Desktop. If you get a choice, you must Scan QR Code and choose OK.
  5. Chatify has displayed the QR code, use WhatsApp camera on your iPhone to scan it.
  6. Finally, you can read WhatsApp on Apple Watch by using Chatify.

Additional information on WhatsApp on Apple Watch that is important to know

Finally, you get your WhatsApp application again and you can see it on your wrist. However, you need to know additional information on how to get the notification. It turns out you still need to make an effort to get a message and reply. Okay, the following is the knowledge on how to get a notification on WhatsApp and reply/ send a message:

Get message notification

Just utilize by opening the “Watch” app from your iPhone and tap “Notifications”. Next, scroll down to WhatsApp as well as make sure the switch turns into green. After the notification active, your wrist buzzes each time you send a message.

How to send a message on Apple Watch’s WhatsApp

It turns out you do not allow sending a new message, voice message, dictates for replying to the message. You cannot undertake it without choosing a list of simple options for replaying. For example, “What’s up?”, “Hello”, “On my way”, or “Ok”.

Next, the information is about how to update and check WhatsApp on Apple Watch. Truthfully, what you will read later on is also useful for other applications. Press “Digital Crown” again to watch Home Screen, tap Settings, and also the App Store. Download new app purchases automatically to enable Automatic Download. By the way, this Setting is also available ion App Store- Apple Watch-on iPhone. The last information is about how to check the update manually from opening the App Store on Watch and scroll down until bottom. Tap Account then Updates, or Update All.

Well, that is detailed information on WhatsApp on Apple Watch that you need. Now, you have three effective options to present this essential application for communicating and entertaining. You also know how to update and check it without hassle. Try these methods one by one or quote one fits you. Wear it on your wrist so that your appearance is more good looking. Combine the use along with your iPhone if you want to get the bigger screen to read. Be a cool man or woman by having this sophisticated watch. Thank you for reading and, of course, none can miss this information. Good luck!