How to Jailbreak iPhone Safely – Get Amazing Apps to Your Smartphone

How to Jailbreak
How to Jailbreak Safely

Hi, the users of the iPhone! Do you have a big desire to add some great applications or features on your iPhone? If the answer is true, please follow this information about how to jailbreak iPhone. Well, the jailbreak is a process to remove the iOS restrictions. Besides, it also offers access to root to the file system in iOS. Therefore, you will be more understanding of the ways of how to jailbreak iPhone iOS 12.

How to Jailbreak safely for iOS 9.3.5 with Phoenix

The first method of to jailbreak iPhone is for iOS 9.3.5. In this case, it uses Phoenix. Thus, in this following information, it will be shown the ways of it. Just follow them in good attention!

1. Download Cydia Impactor

The first thing that you have to do to jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 with Phoenix is downloading the Cydia Impactor. You can do it from your computer.

2. Download Phoenix

Because of this method using Phoenix, so, you should download it too from the computer.

3. Launch the Impactor

After downloading the Impactor, you are allowed to launch it. Don’t forget to connect your device to the computer! To prove it, you are suggested to convince that your device is connected and shown on your computer.

4. Drag the Phoenix

Then, you will find the Phoenix.ipa and drag it to the Cydia Impactor.

5. Write the Apple ID

In writing your Apple ID, you have to remember two main matters. The first one is that if you do not have two-step verification, you should write the Apple ID password. And the second one is that if you have two-step verification, you must log in to the website of Apple ID. In it, you can make an app-specific password and write it to the Impactor.

6. Check the application of Phoenix

The next step is checking the application of Phoenix that has shown on the Home screen. You can do it when the Impactor has installed the Phoenix.ipa.

7. Open Settings

Just open it and go to General and Device Management. Then, after writing the Apple ID to the Impactor, you can choose the profile name. Thus, you are allowed to press the Trust button. This button is used to trust the application of jailbreak on the device.

8. Press the Prepare button

To begin the process of installation, you are suggested to press the Prepare button. After that, the application of Cydia should be on the Home screen.

How to Jailbreak iPhone X with Hexxa

As you know that Hexxa is a repo extractor of jailbreak for iPhone X which runs iOS 12.2. Here are the steps to do it.

1. Install Hexxa

The first step of how to jailbreak iPhone X without computer is installing Hexxa. How can you do it? Yea, you are allowed to install it using the above button.

2. Open Hexxa

Then, the second step that you have to do is opening Hexxa. So, you can tap on the option of getting repos. And, there will be a list of the Repo categories.

3. Choose the category

In this case, you need to select any category and then any repo that is under the category. Hence, you are allowed to copy the repo URL. You can do it by tapping the copy button.

4. Back to Hexxa home page

The fourth step of how to jailbreak iPhone X 2019 is going back to the home page of Hexxa. Then, just tap the button of Extract Repo and don’t forget to paste the Repo URL.

5. Extract the Repo

After extracting the Repo, you will see the available applications of all jailbreak under the Repo.

6. Install any number

What does it mean? Yea, it means that you are suggested to install any number of the jailbreak applications. Furthermore, you can do it by tapping the install button.

The Ways to Jailbreak iPhone 8 with Electra

When you want to jailbreak your iPhone 8 but you do not have access to a computer, don’t worry! There will be a method that shares the easy steps of how to jailbreak iPhone 8 without computer. Are you curious about the steps? Let’s check them out in detail!

1. Go to the website of tweakboxapp

The first step that you have to do is going to the website of tweakboxapp and just tap on the application of tweakbox. Then, you can click on the Electra 11.3.1. However, if you have not found it yet, just use and find it in the search box.

2. Tap on the option of install

Then, what is the second step you should do? Yea, you can tap on the option of install. In this case, please give your good attention to the pop-up notification. Also, don’t forget to write the profile name.

3. Open Settings

The next step of how to jailbreak iPhone 8 iOS 12 is opening Settings on your phone. Then, please choose the option of General and find Device Management. In it, what can you do then? Just tap on the icon of Trust and then tap on it once again. It is like that to permit the application of Electra.

4. Launch the Electra app

After doing the third step, what you have to do? Yea, please focus on the screen and then launch the application of Electra. After that, you have to click on the option of jailbreak and wait for it. You will see that your phone will reboot after a few minutes.

5. Back to the application of Electra

The last step of how to jailbreak iPhone 8 is going back to the application of Electra. You may do it when your phone restarts. Then, you have to tap on the option of jailbreak again. You will find that your phone will reboot again after a minute. At that time, you will see and know another application that is beside Electra called Cydia. It will show you that your phone is jailbroken.

Well, that’s all about the ways of how to jailbreak iPhone using three different methods for each kind of iPhone. Just apply it nicely!