Rank List in Free Fire – 6 Divisions to pass to be the Best

Rank List in Free Fire

Are you a free fire player? If so, you must want to be the best, right? To be the greatest player among others, you have to get the highest ranking. What kinds of rank should you pass to be the best? To answer it, let’s see the rank list in Free Fire below. Besides, it also lets you know how many points to collect if you want to reach every rank step by step. So, have a good look at the explanation of Free Fire ranking system below carefully.

6 Kinds of Rank List in Free Fire to Achieve

When you want to reach the highest rank, you should pass several ranks. There are six ranks that are available in this game. Here are all of them you can get from the rank list in Free Fire.

Rank List in Free Fire

1. Bronze

It is the first rank you will get in this game. Bronze is the lowest rank you can achieve. To reach this division, you need some points to collect. Well, the points are 0 to more than 1000. In this rank, there are still 3 divisions you need to know. They are Bronze 1, bronze 2, and Bronze 3. After you get the last division of this rank, you can go to the next level of the rank.

2. Silver

After you finish getting enough points at the Bronze rank, you will get Silver rank when you get additional points. When you reach this rank, you are one level better in this game. To get the higher ranking means your gameplay improves. Moreover, this rank also has 3 divisions to reach before going to the next level of rank. They are Silver 1, Silver 2, and Silver 3. The points you should collect to get this rank is more than 1500.

3. Gold

The Gold-rank can be got after you pass the Silver 3. Many players who can reach this rank usually have better skills and use brilliant strategy. They use the right prediction of the enemy’s coming by hiding and use careful calculation before attacking. Different from Bronze and Silver, there are 4 divisions to achieve in this rank. They are Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3, and Gold 4. You can place your character into this rank point Free Fire after getting 2000 medals.

4. Platinum

When you can collect 2100 medals, you can get into this rank. There are always prizes every time you pass the rank divisions. In this rank, you will get an interesting prize. For the division degree of this rank, it is the same as the Gold. There are 4 divisions which are Platinum 1, Platinum 2, Platinum 3, and Platinum 4.

5. Diamond

If you can improve your gameplay and often push your rank, it is not so difficult to get this rank. If you get 500 additional points after reaching platinum 4, you will be able to get this Diamond rank. It means that you need to get 2600 medals. To reach Diamond 2, just add your medals until it comes to 2800. You can go to this page if you want to get free diamonds of free fire, Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free.

6. Master

It is the highest rank of Free Fire rank points season 9 you can achieve. The most interesting side to get this rank is you will meet so many pro players around the world. Make sure you have better gameplay and a well-prepared mentality to face the best players. Then, you need to increase your medal to get this rank. It is 3500. After you reach it, now, you become one of the best Free Fire players around the world. So, just keep it up after achieving it.

Well, that is all about the rank list in Free Fire you can recognize. Remember to always improve your gameplay to increase rank in Free Fire. Be the best and have fun with this game.