3 Ways to Top Up Free Fire Diamond Game Easily

Some people are competes to make their character in a Free Fire games look pretty cool, and are you one of them? The main way to make your character looks cool on this game which more special than the other is by using the cloth and skin. As your insight, in this game, if you want to get an item, you have bought it. The special one is available on a Free Fire shop that you can pay with the Diamond currency.

How to Top Up Free Fire Diamond Game

so there are a lot of ways that you can use to buy the diamond

free fire, those are through Free Fire Application, a voucher games, top up site games and also through the cellphone operator.

1. Through Free Fire App

So the very first way to top up the diamond is through the Free Fire games application itself, this purchase will directly be connected to your Google account. You can also pay it through pulse, credit or debit card that has been registered on your Google account. How to do that, you need to follow these steps below:

  • Open your Free Fire game application then click the diamond button on the upside.

You need to login to the game first, make sure that the account that you use is not a guest.

  • Choose the diamond option that you want to buy.

You can choose the diamond unit packet or one packet with the item that you can see through the option on the left side of the screen.

  • After that, the purchased notification from Google will appear, then choose Buy button.

You can choose the payment method by using the Google Pay feature.

  • Your diamond will directly increase after the transaction has been finished.

2. Top up free free diamond through Game Site

The second way is through game sites, seems as before that there are a lot of sites which provide the feature to top up the games. There is one site that maybe we can take as an example, that is Codashop site. The superiority of this site, you can also top up the other games here, not only for the Free Fire. Follow these steps:

  • Open codashop.com, the choose the game that you want, but now just because we talk about Free Fire games, so that choose that game.
  • Fill all needed information, then click BUY NOW on the under screen.
  • Your Player ID must match with your own ID, determine the amount if diamond, then choose the purchased method, then type down your E-mail.
  • Do the purchased based on the method that you choose.
  • You will get the diamond voucher after you succeed to do the payment.
  • This is the last step, you will directly get the diamond Voucher after you successfully done your purchased.

3. Through Voucher Game

The last one way, by using these voucher games, we can also top up the diamond on a Free Fire games application. Actually, this voucher games are sell in several sites out there. One of application or famous sites which provides the feature to Top Up diamond of Free Fire is Tokopedia, but you have to make sure yourself that you have a Player ID Free Fire application first. The purchase here by using the voucher code that you need to redeem on Free Fire game application. So you need to follow these steps below to make you understand.

  • Open the Tokopedia through application or site, then click the Others.
  • Click others again then choose the Voucher Game.
  • Choose Free Fire in a Voucher option.
  • Fill your Player ID and choose the amount of diamond that you want, then click Buy.
  • You will be given the Detail Purchase, then click ‘Next’
  • Choose your purchase method, then click Buy.
  • Finish! Your diamond has been succeed to top up.

In brief, those 3 ways to top up free fire diamond game that you might try, hopefully it gives a lot of benefits. Good luck and Have a nice trying!