Lylia Hero Guide on Mobile Legends – Tips and Tricks to Master It

Lylia Hero Guide

For magic players, the Lylia hero guide is important information to master all of the mage heroes on Mobile Legends. This hero is also known as The Little Witch because it has high magic damage. It got buffed last year to stabilize the damage and make it normal. Since Lylia can be dangerous in rank mode, you will need to know the Lylia builds Mobile Legends, emblem and the skills. By knowing these basic three things, you can develop the gameplay which can lead you to master it. Once you can control the way you play the game, you can easily win the game with this hero. Below is the information regarding the guide to Lylia.

First Lylia Hero Guide – Knowing the item build

Lylia Hero Guide

The first thing you should know is the item Lylia builds Mobile Legends. Item build plays an important role whenever you use this hero. Since it is magic with high magic damage, you can use the Magic Shoes which give cooldown reduction and movement speed. Next item build is Ice Queen Wand, genus Wand, Glowing Wand, Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive. These items will add more HP and magic power that will result in high damage.

If you think it is not suitable for your style, you can change the item with Winter Truncheon that will give Lylia 60 Magic Power, 25 armors and 400 HP. This item is suitable if you still learn how to use the hero because it will have the ability to defense the enemy’s hit. If you are a beginner, you may use this item to learn using the skills.

Emblem setting and spell

Other than item build, more important on the Lylia Hero guide is the emblem. The emblem will affect the way you choose the item build and the spell. For the emblem, it is suggested to have the custom magical emblem or custom mage. It depends on your style in playing the game.

While for the spell, it is recommended to have the flicker so that Lylia can be played in a long time. If you think flicker is not suitable, you can use sprint spell to catch the enemy or to avoid the war when your HP is low.

Lylia skills

The next important thing on Lylia Hero’s guide to knowing before using the Lylia hero is to know the skill itself. Understanding the skill will help you to control the hero during the game and win easily. The passive skill of Lylia is called Angry Gloom. With the power of Gloom, it increases the movement speed by up to 15%. And whenever the Gloom is upgraded, it will increase the movement speed to 5%. The higher the level is the higher the damage.

While for the first skill, it is called Magic Shockwave. With this skill, the hero has the ability to throw the magic wave in front of the enemy. It makes the enemy slower up to 40%. The second skill is called Shadow Energy which lets the hero get slower up to 80% and explode the damage around the enemy. Magic damage in this skill will be upgraded up to 120%.

The last skill on this Lylia Hero guide is called Black Shoes or the ultimate skill. With this skill, the hero will get maximum stack and will regenerate the HP up to 15%. The movement speed will also increase by up to 40% lasts for 2 seconds.

How to Play Lylia?

The last information of Lylia Hero guide is related to the gameplay. To play Lylia on early game, take the buff and farming to get the item built. Lylia can be the hero core, so don’t forget to have a tank on the mid and late game. Always see the condition to make sure you do the right gameplay. This is because if Lylia gets catch by the enemy, it will be easily lost.

It means that playing Lylia needs to focus on the map, the enemy’s situation and know the team position. In the late game, Lylia can dominate the game if backed with the tank. The ultimate skill can be useful in the late game.

That is the Lylia Hero guide to master the new mage hero on Mobile Legends. Hopefully, you can master it and always win!