How to Lock App on iPhone- Don’t Let Your Partner Access Your Apps

Lock app on iPhone, Lock app for iPhone

iPhone is one of Apple companies creature that has been well-known on the last 2007 its founder, namely Steve Jobs. This product has its own fans so that it can be called that rarely compete with the other Android Smartphones or even the other operating system. Even the price of this product continuously increases, there are still a lot of people will buy it. The most superiority one of this product, it can be called extremely good. Besides that, usually the iPhone users will use the fingerprint sensor or Touch ID to lock app on iPhone or even to open the Pass Code from the iPhone fast and easy.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone

Unfortunately, many users of the iPhone are still figured it out the way how to lock app on iPhone. So that, you will pretty understand the way by following these steps:

1. Lock App for iPhone Using the Restrictions Feature

– First one, you may go to the menu or to the Setting application.

– On the settings page, choose the General menu.

– After that, you can choose Restrictions

– On the restrictions page, you just need to activate the Enable Restrictions and put your passcode.

– Still, on the Restrictions page, you can also select a kind of application that you want to lock.

2. Lock App for iPhone Using the Touch ID

– Firstly, go to the menu or Settings app.

– On the Settings page, you may choose the Touch ID and Password option.

– After that, type down your password and you may continue it.

– Next, you can activate the Touch ID for app, like the Apple Pay, Itunes, App Store and so many else.

– Follow the adding fingerprint instruction which has been asked by iPhone.

– You may go back to the Settings many.

– On the Settings many, you may enter to the Passcode menu and the Touch ID.

– Activate the Passcode and the Touch ID.

– After that, you may lock app on iPhone by using the finger print later on.

Those are 2 ways how to lock app iPhone. It was so easy. But if you want to lock it quickly, you may use the trusted app like iProtect, AppLocker and so many else. Good luck and have a nice trying.